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  Welcome to the Saiyajin Fusion Empire. If this is your first visit, check out the Info page to see what kind of fun you can have here! Anytime you return, check out the Recent News to see what updates we have made and to find out any news about Dragonball Z! DBZ News may have a small picture next to the info, but updates will not. Because I live on the east coast, all times are Eastern (sure, Morgan's not on the east coast, but who cares about her? ^_-). Thanks and have a great time!

Recent News

4:45 PM 5/06/01  Well, it's always nice to break you wrist the day before your 16th birthday, and have a giant blue cast on, and then it keeps getting better when 2 weeks later, you find that on the same day you broke your wrist, this great site is announced to soon be shut down, ONLY IN AMERICA. But, seriously, I've had fun, and I hope you did too... Maybe another SJFE will be born from all this garbage in the community, but it's highly unlikely. I seem to be at a loss for words, but then again, when a couple of pot heads try to run a website that demands money to remain open, who can be surprised, ne? Besides, "ALL IT TOOK WAS A FAT CHRONIC BLUNT!" - Mallrats.

Well, keep your eyes and ears open because I sparatically have urges to make websites, and now that I learned flash... hey, we'll see. Anyway, keep Otakuin', and keep fightin' the power! Later.

9:15 PM 4/28/01  Well, everyone, this is it... the end, the finale, finito, bon voyage... I'm too tired of dubbies, which make up abou 75% of the DBZ community... I had so much fun, it was worth it, and I loved every minute... You guys can find Chikyuujin Chronicles, live and well, at soon enough, and I'll continue to update the story there. Chapters 10 and 11 should be up within the next month, so you guys will get another tasty bite of the action. I'll let you know what's going on at that site. For now, goodbye, and have fun... SMOKE WEED!


11:22 AM 4/28/01  I can't belive it's all over. The DBZ Web community is falling apart, and now you're gonna be stuck with ... well, crap. I mean, Namek's gonna die soon, Meri's hanging on to a thread at my site, EX has limited space, I quit most of my sites, etc. ... but all the while daBLACKgoku is OK ... shows you what hard work and love REALLY produces. I know all of you are probaly jaded at this point, but ...

I've decided to finish the movie 13 manga. Starting NEXT WEEKEND (I have a 100 page screenplay due Thursday), I will FINISH the manga BEFORE time runs out. You will all see it, so keep giving us hits!

11:22 PM 4/27/01  Ummm... okay. Since Sean is too lazy to update, I thought I'd let everyone know that on May 30th this domain is getting canceled. So basically, once that disappears, so does this site. I wanted to tell everyone so nobody would lose sleep and have nightmares about the sudden, mysterious dissapearance of this sorry excuse for a website. So, obviously, you can quit sending us all fan submissions and affiliate requests and all that shite... So.... Bye!

Don't sue us... please?