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The first thing I noticed... H2 text the whole way down the page. Next thing I noticed: No capitals! That's right folks, this guy has absolutely no capital letters the whole way down the page. Next, the horrible horrible spelling!!! Nothing is spelled correctly... he spells the word "through" as "threw" every time! Despite the fact that this kid used all FUNimation spellings and ideas, ("the other dimension") he added his OWN! All of the sudden, every different cartoon is in "a different dimension". Not only that, but Vegeta apparently created the Digimon world... wtf? Goku can now pull people from "dimension" to "dimension", and Vegeta has somehow learned various Street Fighter moves, including the Haduken... Superman can read ki levels and the Sailor Scouts powers exceed 2,000... who else seems to think this kid is a complete moron!?

Ok, now I'll torment you with some actual quotes from the page:

when vegeta was flying threw space he saw a unknown planet. " what is this planet? could it have powerful beings like me? it could be a new planet vegeta." so he landed on it to find beings with enourmous power.
"pikachu look up there. its a alien, it might be a new pokemon i could catch"
as vegeta was landing he saw little animals , so he wanted to squish them with his ship.
"pikachu watch out"
"no pikachuuuu NOOOOOOO!"
" what your friend was killed and sent to another dimesion. all friends leave its better if you kill them yourself. hey i killed my own friend,his name is nappa.."
"you killed pikachu"
somewhere else team rocket was watching vegeta beat up all of ash's pokemon
"how is he doing that? he must have alot of power."
now they saw bulbasaur use solar beam and vegeta just stopped it with his thumb.
"man he has real power"
after the fight vegeta ate all the little pokemon ash had and he made a restraunt out of that is called free to eat.

Now please realize, I didn't change that quote in any way...

Here are more...

half of the scouts used their special moves and it didn't do nothing to vegeta. "my turn " he started powering up and he flew in the air and shot the gallick-ho gun. "Noooo" the planet was destroyedright when goku pulled vegeta in his own demension. 

If you don't know, that was the "saiyan" vs the Sailor Scouts.

You know what? here is the rest of the page:

vegeta vs superman

one time when vegeta was put into a teleporter he went threw 4 different worlds. the 2 world is when he fought superman & batman.
vegeta saw himself in a primative world. when he was walking threw it people ran away from him. then a guy came and vegeta checked his power was 2691, and vegeta laughed at him becaused he kept talking to him.
"what is your business here , tell me now!"
"no, you are in no position to tell me what to do. your power level is only 3000."
"what is yours 1000?"
"no it is over 3000000."
"what, you are lieing to me."
vegeta was pissed at him for doing that. he unleashed a fury of punches and kicks. then he threw out a haduken and it killed superman. then he destroyed a third of the planet. millions of people werekilled in a instant.
"i got him now its your turn. oh i must of been telling the truth to you."
vegeta made a big explosion that it created a portal to a black hole. good thing he is fast enough to escape. but the planet was sucked in.

vegeta vs digimon

those little digimon poeple saw a man falling from the sky. it was vegeta and the little animals knew it was him because he made that dimension.
he even made those little animals so they can protect that piece of land. vegeta came back because he felt a person take it over .vegeta came to destroy that person. when he landed he saw pathetic humans. he told the digimon to kill them.
but they refused so he kill all of them.
then he left to fight the guy who took his property. he ran into alot of his creations and he told them to halt but they didn't listen. vegeta took them to another dimension. so he left to destroy that guy, when he saw him he used the big bang attack and it wiped out the whole world.
so he left that world to head back to earth.

*Shakes head* WOW that site blows... *sigh*