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Kaio Ken

     This site is a fine example of how far one can get in our community of DBZ fans with all looks and no BRAINS. Sure, it looks all nice and shiny and new, but the hilariously pathetic content far outweighs the sleek design. On the index page, you're greeted with a bad case of RCW (Randomly Capitalized Words) with extremely poor spelling to match. The disclaimer is also quite interesting... not every day you see a teenaged kid with a lawyer! Watch out, pirates, or they'll see your ass in COURT! And then they even had the balls to steal a part of Planet Namek's disclaimer in verbatim. But that's only the tip of the iceberg!

     Unfortunately this site isn't entirely up yet, so there isn't too much to verbally rip to shreds. But even with the list of things to come, it's still just your typical monotonous wanna-be site. Oh, but wait... I see that you can read Power Levels, Character Profiles, Attack Lists, and even a TV "scheduel"! I guess I had them all wrong about this "lack of originality"! And if the previously mentioned content leaves you thirsty for even more "original" tidbits, I invite you all to delve into the linguistic masterpiece that is the "Freza Sega":

A long time ago a young prince saiyaijin prince was captured by an evil powerful feind, this was Prince Vegeta, his father, King Vegeta along with many other saiyans, including Badrock turend arainst the all mighty Freza. He easily destroyed them all and then destoyed there planet along with their race leaving only 2 true saiyains alive, Prince Vegeta and the young son of Badrock sent to earth to destroy all life on the planet. Luckily he was new parents and grew up to be a great father to his son Gohan and his wife Chi-Chi.

Mean While back in space everyone is being forced to obey freza or be killed. Freza plots to goto a near by planet (Namek) and use there Dragon Balls to wish for emortality. King Kai of earth find out about his plan with his powers and send Gohan and Goku's best friend krilian along with Bulma to namek to get the Dragon Balls before Freza does, Sinse Goku is still recovering from the battle with the 2 saiyains Vegeta and Nappa he can not come until he is well. Vegeta recovered in his space pods heads to namek to make his wish for emortality and finish off freza once and for all but just replace him with another Freza.

Gynew Warriors... On Planet Namek Freza is getting fed up with vegeta, gohan and krilklian stealing his dragon balls so he calls upon 5 elite warriors called the Gynew Force. Vegeta defetes the first warrior, Goldar but gets smashed when it comes to Recoom. Again Goku arrives in time to save them. With his days of training on the way to Namek goku makes sport of the rest of the Gynew except when it comes To Captian Gynew the leader and strongest of the 5. Goku has him with in an ince of his life when suddenly Gynew steals goku's body leaving goku to die in his old beat up body. Gynew, in Goku's body tries to trick goku krillian and Vegeta but gohan sees through him and then vegeta is about to finfish him off when Gynew trys to steal his body, Goku threw a frog as hard as he could in the way of the beam and Stoped him and stuck Gynew in the frogs body!

Now Freza is ticked and is taking it out on Vegeta gohan and krillian after Vegeta pused for freza to transform they had no chance to win until, Goku recovered. Goku arrived just intime to see Vegeta get killed by freza stage 3. Goku is winning untill Freza powersup to 50% of his power. But wait Goku hasent used his spirit bomb attack yet, Thatll do the trick, so they thought, Freza survived a dead on his with Gokus mighty attack. Freza shoots one blast and kills krillian right there, this isent a bad thing because with his rage it caused goku to transform into a legendary Super Saiyain! Freza cant beat Goku, he is desperate So he blows an attack strait for planet namek that will destroy the planet in under 10 minutes..

Back on earth King kai has a plan to wish everyone kiled by Freza back to life which will also bring back nameks Balls with them he wishes everyone from Namek to earth but Goku and Freza. After a long and tiring battle Freza releses 2 energy discs set on Goku, Goku tries to warn Freza but he gets cut in half by his own deadly attack. Goku gives Freza (After beggibng to spare him) some of his own presious energy to escape.. But instead freza uses it for one final attak! goku cant take it and with one final blow Destorys Freza once and for all... Or did he?

     Umm... I think that speaks for itself. (But don't you just love how they also cleverly decided to copy FUNimation's episode summaries that the narrator guy reads off at the beginning of the show? Tsk.. what a bunch of silly bastards!)