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Anti funimation

[FUNimation's Website][News Letter #1][News Letter #2]
[From FUNimation's FAQ][An Interview with Satan and his Wife]
[All-New 5" Dragonball Action Figures Announced][Interview with Gen][FUNimation FAQ]

I will be periodically bringing to you some various bull shit that FUNimation has released over the internet, etc. The words (in parenthesis) are my interjections. Enjoy!

Fans: Send me your own FFS's! You can even change one I've already done, as long as it's funny and it meets the requirements!



1. Send in an FFS based on an article of my (Sean Kendle's) choice, written by or about FUNimation.
2. The prizes are as follows: Grand Prize gets the entire Buu saga on CD in Real player/Windows Media format(about 1:10 .mpg to Real ratio) in somewhat shitey quality... but it's free, dammit. Second and Third places get a link. Yep, sucks to get second place, huh? You're the first loser.
3. Send me funny ones... not stupid shit.
4. If you can't write FFS's well, then just send me a scanned picture of your boobs (females only, please).
5. One entry per email addy.
6. If you send me my own FFS, I eat your soul.
7. The contest starts when I receive a good FFS target and ends whenever the hell I say. Even if you send me one I've already done, but in its original format. Oh, word to the wise... send it as an attached .txt with MANUAL word wrap. You send me one long line or a Word document, I eat your soul.