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Anti funimation

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The Sequal to FUNimation's Excellent News Letter! (recieved November 20, 1999)

Wow! What a great response from the November Newsletter. (Ok, considering it was around that time that I began FIGHT THE POWER...)

Thank you for your opinions on what you would like to see on the website. We would like you to help us tailor our site by giving us more information about you. Please fill out the survey at (This survey will be viewed by no one, because we don't like you people and wish you would just give us all your money and leave us be!)

YOU ASKED FOR IT SO HERE IT IS! (We are officially handing over all licensing to VIZ comics because we have ruined Dragonball Z and we know that VIZ will take great care of it!)
We have a new T-Shirt available (Damn! Lousy wishful thinking again!) exclusively for the DBZ Newsletter subscribers. The design is King Kai's training symbol, surrounded by the words Dragon Ball Z. You should see the design at the bottom of this newsletter. You can check it out in more detail and order the shirt we made exclusively for you at (We can just GIVE you our money? Sweet! Wait, gimme the store URL again...)

Don't for get to visit the Funimation Store for all your Christmas wishes. (*sigh* there it is, I really got worried there!)

Going up?

Yet another nugget of joy from our dear friends at FUNimation (recieved December 28, 1999)

The staff at FUNimation would like to take this opportunity to say THANKS for such a great year (Wow, that pact with Satan just keeps getting better and better!). We're gearing up to bring the best year ever in 2000. With new (edits, cuts and script rewrites!), video releases in VHS and DVD (The DVD videos will bring you a chance to more closely view the editing techniques!), and many more products coming available (which we at FUNimation believe will pull in a record amount of money with a maximum "Screw you" effort), the year 2000 will be the year of the Dragon (even though that is a Chinese thing... we have no idea what we're talking about).

What to look for in Video Releases:

January- Frieza: Eleventh Hour (8) and Garlic Jr.: Black Water Mist (1)
February- Frieza: Fall of a Tyrant (9) and Garlic Jr.: Sacred Water (2)
March- Frieza: Namek's End (10) and Garlic Jr.: Vanquished (3)
(all videos will be cut and censored for your viewing enjoyment)
This completes both the Frieza 10 volume set and the Garlic Jr. 3 volume set.

Other products will be available such as: more action figures, (more money makers), trading cards (but not animayhem! they were too popular), hand-held games, clothes, and much, much more.
Thanks for answering the website polls (in which we misspelled numerous names, such as Videl now being Bidel). This is valuable information to us in order to give you what you want. The Goku t-shirt with the King Kai symbol has been a great success. You wanted an affordable t-shirt in 2x and 3x sizes, and that's what you got. Those of you who ordered one, wear it with Goku pride. We would like to continue with the exclusive product offers and the next product we are considering is a mouse pad. We have our favorite images, but would like to know yours (of course we don't really give half a damn about your opinion perse, we just wanna sound like we do...). Pick your favorite image at
Thanks again for a great year, happy holidays and a great new millennium.

You know, one thing did surprise me about this newsletter, they didn't end it with KAMEHAMEHA. Hmm... interesting...

Going up?