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Anti funimation

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FUNimation's FAQ (Sent in by Rick on June 18, 2000 torn apart by Sean)

Q. Why do you censor the show?

A. Believe it or not but we hate censoring the show as much as you hate (breathing). The level of censorship is determined by the broadcaster, not FUNimation. (In other words, we sell the censoring rights to the highest bidder, be that bidder Satan himself (see above and below for proof)). The first 53 episodes were created (destroyed) under the censorship authority of Saban (aka Satan). Each episode had to be blessed by (Jesus Christ ALMIGHTY HIMSELF! or...) an independent censorship authority before it could be aired. These episodes were also created for "free TV" which requires stricter FCC censorship guidelines than cable. We at FUNimation agree that (we are cheap friggin' bastards because we wouldn't shell out the extra cash to get this show on cable in a Prime Time slot, unedited or nearly so, and we also would like to take the time to disagree that) many of the censorship issues have been pretty ridiculous and that the series should remain as pure to the original form as possible (which is why we hired horrible voice actors... and very few of them! Hell we'd even hire our moms to play the most evil being in the universe... oh wait, that already happened). This has been a constant battle for us (almost like the battle between "Frieza" and "Krillin", where he threw a couple "Destructo Discs" at him, in an attempt to send him straight to the "Other Dimension" where he would not pass go, or collect $200, and end up in "HFIL"!) since we feel most of Dragon Ball Z is perfectly suitable for all ages (under 7 years old once we censor the whole damn thing to no end) and teaches great moral traits such as (selling out, hiring one's mother to play an evil character, raping fans for "unedited" tapes,) honesty, friendship, good vs. evil, etc (etc etc etc etc aaaaaand... etc)..

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