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DBZ F.A.Q(aka More FUNImation Lies) (Found and torn apart by SSJVegetto)

Q: Are new episodes going to broadcast?

A: We have just concluded a deal with Cartoon Network(and the Lord of Darkness) where they have purchased the remaining 174 episodes of Dragon Ball Z. Their current release schedule is to put the next 77 episodes on from September 2000 (to the conclusion of the Cell Saga) then put the rest on(hold) sometime during 2001 and 2002. Depending on the success(and how much money we make), they will then follow with(the ruining of) Dragon Ball GT.

Q: What is the home video release schedule?

A: We are releasing home videos as fast as the retailers are willing (not to accept) order(ing) new releases which is around two new tapes released every six weeks. We provide both the uncut and edited versions(When we say UNCUT,it is the samething as the edited). The Videos are sold at Musicland, Sam Goody's, SunCoast, Camelot, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Blockbuster, Toys-R-Us, Coconuts, Saturday Matinee, Record Town,(Hell,) Strawberries,(Soviet Union,) and many other (communist) retailers.

Q: Will you be releasing DVD?

A: Yes. This summer. On the DVD, we will be providing the uncut, unedited Japanese version with original Japanese music and English subtitles. The subtitles are done by a translator who is(not) a big fan of Dragon Ball Z and one who is very meticulous at making an EXACT(not really) translation of the Japanese with no embellishments or alterations. The DVD will also contain the UNCUT English track(we mean that "awsome" bgm we use) similar to the VHS version now being sold(for crack and weed).

Q: What about the movies?

A: We have the exclusive right to obtain(and ruin) the movies and we are in negotiations with Toei(and Satan) to acquire all the movies and TV specials. We have also hired an agent(aka Hitler) to solicit possible theatrical release of some of these movies.

Q: What are the plans for figures?

A: We have been working closely with Irwin Toy to sculpt new figures for DBZ. They have previously been shipping in figures from both Bandai and AB Toys which were released in Japan and France respectively. Starting August, Irwin will release totally new figures recently sculpted by one of the (non) top sculpting companies in the U.S.. In addition, they are planning to refresh their line every 6 weeks with new figures! Get a sneak peak on this web site(but you will have to sell your soul to see it) under the Irwin Toys news on the front page. Other cool stuff from Irwin are (1) a brand new line they created which are die-cast machines/vehicles from DBZ with miniature figures(that look like crap) that go in these machines and the whole thing goes into a Capsule Corp capsule container(WTF?) and (2) fully articulated, 12 inch clothed figures.

Q: Will there be a video game?

A: We hope so(because that way we can sell it for $10000,and make lots of money). Bandai will not sell us the Dragon Ball GT Final Bout Playstation game(because we are to damn cheap) so we can release more units into North America. But the good news is that we are in negotiations with some (non) major video game companies who plan to make Playstation, Playstation2, Color Gameboy, PC and Macintosh titles for DBZ. They will include fighting games(that will be rated E), Role Playing Games(with crappy bgm), Adventure games,and activity games(for the little 3 year olds). We expect release early in 2001(345). Keep your fingers (un)crossed. We will keep you updated at this web site.

Q: Is other DBZ merchandise coming?

A: Yes. We have signed up many fine(and gay) companies who will be launching various (money making)items throughout the year. We will keep you updated at this web site.

Q: Are you doing any other promotions such as the Burger King promotion?

A: Many things are under negotiation.

Q: Will FUNimation bring in other Anime?

A: Yes(Oh dear God,no). We are negotiating on several shows(to ruin). We will keep you updated at this web site.

Q: What are your future plans on this web site?

A: We plan to expand the site in many ways. We will have contests, chat with the actors(by which we mean slaves) from DBZ and the producers, games, more downloadable stuff, insider information, etc. The idea is to freshen the site often, keep you updated and to provide fans with a community for the dbz family.(This "DBZ
Family" we are talking about are the 3 year olds,Nazis,and the communist)

(Q:Why did you ruin DBZ?

A:To conquer the United States and the world,you sily goose[LAUGHS})

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