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Chikyuujin Chronicles

Chikyuujin Chronicles is an Alternate Universe fanfiction. What that means is we took the DBZ storyline and removed an event or two to change the course of events to make the story entirely different. You'll notice that the story parallels Toriyama's Dragonball universe for a short time and then slowly veers off into the new story. If you have the Viz comics, you will be familiar with the dialouge and actions of the first episode. If you don't have them, go buy them! They're great!

Anywho, I have compiled some information that would be very useful to you readers. I have a list of the Japanese words used in the story and what they mean. It'll pop up in a small java-box so you can refer to it as you read. If you don't have java, you can go to the html via the "non-java" link.

Japanese Glossary - Javascript Window | Non-Javascript

Chronicle 1: The Neo-Saiyajin Empire
- Chapter 1: The planet Earth is conquered! Who is this alien menace!?
- Chapter 2: The tournament begins! Fight for your life, Shikerou!
- Chapter 3: Where are we? A new beginning.
- Chapter 4: Kakarotto and Shike, survive the training! Yamucha vs Tenshinhan!?
- Chapter 5: The second fight. Shikerou vs Senjo!
- Chapter 6: Memories, new and old. Kakarotto chooses Buruma!
- Chapter 7: Shikerou's final test. Kakarotto has a son!?
- Chapter 8: Shikerou and Kakarotto team up. Look out, Barusei!
- Chapter 9: The Barujin Secret Weapon! Look out Shikerou and Kakarotto!