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Chikyuujin Chronicles

Chapter 1: The planet Earth is conquered! Who is this alien menace!?

Shikerou awoke to find himself buried beneath what was once his home. His eyes opened to see parts of his ceiling covering him. It was heavy on his chest as he struggled to breathe. He pulled his aching arm... it was trapped between his bed and the rubble that was once his roof. After some very careful movements, he managed to get his right hand free, and turn his palm upward as it began to glow a soft green....

A large ki blast left his hand and destroyed the heavy remnants of his house, and he slowly got to his feet... feeling a pain in his chest. He made a short, staggering climb over the rest of the smoking wreckage. Small fires burned at his feet. Shike took in his once familiar surroundings. Skyscrapers that were once glorious were now mounds of steel and glass. Worst of all, his training dojo, the center point of the city, was in ruins, and nothing but a pile of rubble. He searched the horizon for another living soul, he found none, his anger was growing.

"Where the hell did that blast come from!?" cried out Shikerou as he wiped an annoying trickle of blood from his mouth.

His scouter beeped twice and centered on a small black spot in the distance.

"What's this? Power level 350? Incredible for such a weak planet, I wasn't the only strong one on this miserable rock," said Kakarotto.

He looked around him to make sure everything else was dead before taking off toward the higher ki.

Shikerou felt a slight "tug" to his right... he "felt" a large ki nearing him.

He turned his head quickly and immediately regretted it, as a wash of color blurred his vision. He stepped backwards once, caught his balance, and waited for his head to clear. Blood began to flow from his nose.

"What the... this must be the asshole that blew up Pepper town..."

Shikerou situated his aching body into the sutansu of his dojo. He was hurt, but he may as well fight, or he was gonna die anyway...


The short, fat farmer looked up to see what he believed to be a meteor in the sky. It shot over head very fast, a bright tail of fire following it into Earth's atmosphere.

"What the-? EEEE YA!! I-I-I-It's a meteor! I gotta see!"

He jumped in his pick up and sped across the fields to the landing site of the rock. As he neared it, he saw a very large crater about 150 feet wide.

"N-Not a meteor..."

He leaned over the crater looking at the strange craft at the bottom. It was round and white, about 4 feet in diameter with a single large door in the front. in the door was a dark blue window that he couldn't see through.

With a click and a loud hiss, the door slowly swung open, to reveal a large man with very large hair stepping from the craft. The alien shot up out of the crater with one jump, landing in front of the farmer. He was wearing a very strange looking monocle and some sort of armor...

"S-Stay where you are!" stammered the small plump being.

"Hmm... So the inhabitants of this planet are still alive... Damn you Kakarotto!"

"I-I mean it... I'll shoot!"

The Saiyajin turned his attention to the fat man and read his scouter.

"A power level of 5? That's pathetic... Kakarotto should have destroyed these fools by the first full moon..."

The farmer made one last threat and unwisely pulled the trigger. The kick was enough to almost knock him over. How pathetic...

Raditsu casually reached in front of his face and grabbed the single, small, hot piece of metal that shot from the gun.

"Is this yours?" he said with a smirk as he flicked it back at the Chikyuujin, sending it through his chest and sending him back several feet, blood flowing from the wound and hanging briefly in the air where he was standing.

*Piii Piii* "Huh? A greater power... Kakarotto?"

Raditsu took off in search of his astranged brother and some answers...

A figure stood on a small hill, arms crossed, white cape flowing from his wide shoulder pads and down around his calves. His skin a dark green when it showed through his purple and white clothing, with patches of light pink on his forearms. A cumberbun around his waist held the loose purple cloth close around his hips, while it splayed out down his legs to the pointed, brown shoes.

He was a Namekseijin.

He was busy meditating when...

"Huh!? I sense... a great power... Coming... closer...! Is it... Son?"

He watched in the direction that his ki sensing ability lightly tugged him. Slowly a black dot came into view and as it neared...


A large man, the same from before, landed in front of the green warrior. His long black hair reached his knees and he was wearing a light green colored glass over his left eye.

"Feh, you are not Kakarotto..."

"And what being are you? Have you business with me?"

"With the likes of you? No."

"Then why do you come here? Wish you to die!?"

"Heh heh heh," the large man smirked as he reached up to lightly tap the side of his monocle with one finger. *eep* "Quite the feisty one, aren't you... Hmph, his power is 322. More than I expected here... Still, you're no match for me."

"What say you!? Know you not the one to whom you show such insolence!?"

"Do I care?"

Growing ever more outraged by this fool, the green warrior gritted his teeth and pulled his lips back in a snarl, showing two very large and very sharp canines...

Hmph, this Namekseijin fool thinks he's a match for me with such a low power... well, I think I'll toy with him for a bit... this could prove amusing.

With that, the big eared green warrior shot out his four fingered right hand, his left gripping the forearm of the former.

A large ki blast shot forth from his hand, enveloping Raditsu and making a very large boom.

"A fine display of dust, if such were your intention..."

The green man stood horrified, mouth agape....

"Is it my turn? May I show you some real power now...?" Raditsu said in a mocking tone. He pulled up his right arm, bent at the elbow, palm up and fingers bent slightly.

*eep-eep-eep* "Another incoming power... A greater one...!"

With that, Raditsu took off once again... "Aha! That way! Vast power... the greatest on this world... Can it be other than Kakarotto?"

Im... Impossible... I was petrified... paralyzed... Piccolo thought as his knelt on the ground, gasping for breath... totally relieved that the man had left him alive.

After a few minutes, he regained his composure and took off in the direction that the alien took. He knew that he couldn't take him alone... But a coward that fool made of me... Make him pay I will... Even if I must side with an enemy to do so...

"Here I am!" Goku said as he lept down from Kintoun. "Hey there!"

"It's Goku!" said Kuririn.

The four had decided to meet at the Kame house to reminisce and catch up on old times. Goku had arrived late... as usual... But Buruma, Kuririn and Muten Roshi were all there and eating the tea cakes Buruma had brought.

"I'm back"

"Goku!" "Son!" Kuririn and Buruma cried out simultaneously as they ran out of the Kamehouse down the stairs of the porch.

"How ya doin' ya old dog you?" asked Kuririn.

"Oh I'm fine... Chi chi is good too."

"That's wonderful," said Buruma, "At least some men can commit..."

"Uh oh... where's Yamucha?" asked Goku.

"That pig... I caught him cheating on me so I kicked his sorry ass to the curb...!"

"Hmm... hey Muten Roshi-sama, where's Lunch?" Goku asked.

"Oh, she went chasing Tenshinhan five years ago... I haven't seen either since..."

"Huh!? What is that?"

"What? Tenshinhan? You remember... from the Tenka-ichi Budoukai..."

"No.... somethin's coming.... somethin' strong..." Goku said, looking into the sky.

The tell tale pull of his ki sense told him that a very very large power was coming... and fast!

Just great... this thing is more powerful than me... what am I gonna do? I've never face an enemy like this before...

"Better not be Yamcha..." said Buruma indignantly.

"Much... Much more powerful than Yamucha..."

Goku kept his watch on the sky where he knew the person would show up...


As he neared the small island, he could see four figures standing, looking in his direction.

Hmm... I wonder how they know I'm here...

He landed close by them, each looking more horrified than the next... the most terrified, a short bald man with 4..5...6 dots on his forehead, wearing a bright orange gi. The same gi that his brother wore...

"My, my... all growed up, aren't we? Still, I'd know you anywere... Kakarotto... You look just like your father."

"Huh!?" Goku gasped.

"Why haven't you killed these pathetic Chikyuujin!? And what are you wearing?"

"Look here buddy, I dont' know who you are, but the last thing we need around here is drunks like you hangin' 'round th' place..."

"Kuririn stop! He's extremely powerful!" It seems that Kakarotto warned the short bald thing early enough that he quickly ducked the tail that whipped out from Raditsu's waist, and did a quick backwards somersault, landing in some odd sutansu...

"What the... a tail!?"

"That's right, Kakarotto, a tail.... and what happened to yours!?" Raditsu cried in alarm.

"I had it removed when I was a boy... what do you care? And why do you keep calling me Krakapotto?"

"How do you expect to go Oozuru!?! Don't you even know your own name? What the hell is the matter with you, baka!?"


"Kakarotto, did you hit your head when you were a boy?"

"Well... yeah, a bunch of times..."

"Goku, there's something I never told you... when your grandfather, Son Gohan, found you, he dropped you from a cliff and you smacked your head on a large tree root. You barely survived it. But when you woke up, you were entirely changed... You used to be evil and always gave Gohan a ruff time, but after the fall, you were as loving as a puppy." explained the old man.

"Loving?!" cried Raditsu. "That's it... enough of this nonsense, let's go Kakarotto... It's time to void the life on this planet."

"What!? You want to kill everyone!?"

"Of course! Prince Bejita wants to make this his base of operations for his new empire. He gathered a dozen or so Saiyajin to lead a revolt on Lord Furiza. But to do that, he needs powerful fighters. We need you Kakarotto... despite your low power, you have at least as much hope as Bardock, and his power is over 10,000."

"Who are you talking about!? Furiza? Bardock? Just leave me alone!"

"Hmm... well... it's a long shot, but if it works... it'll be worth it..." Mused Raditsu.

"What is a long shot?"

"Listen. Your name is Kakarotto, your mission was to destroy all life on this planet for Lord Furiza, but us rebels have decided to take it for ourselves. Your father's name is Bardock and your brother's name is Raditsu... That's me..."

"You're my... my... my brother!?!"

"Yes... now, baka, you will remember everything... all it takes is another strong blow to the head."

"What!? No-"

Raditsu quickly zanzoken'd behind his little brother, and swung with all his might, knocking him unconscious, blood flying from his mouth on the way to the ground. The midget tried to attack him, but he casually reached out and grabbed him by the throat, charging a large ki blast, aiming him up, and letting a very large amount of energy to fly from his hand, and tear through the midget's throat, severing his bald head.

"ME..... HA...... ME..... HAAAA!!" the old man screamed as he threw his hands foreward, letting an impressive amount of ki to fly from his clam-shaped palms. The blast flew toward Raditsu and he barely got a ki sheild up when it hit him, full force. He took one surprised step back, and raised his right hand... two fingers extended... and shot a quick beam of energy through the man's chest, killing him almost instantly.

The female Chikyuujin just stood in horror as Raditsu made quick work of the males. Then tears welled up in her eyes as she began to shreik and wail annoyingly... Raditsu, finding her quite attractive, simply encased her in a ki bubble and cut out the soul-piercing screams.

Just then, Raditsu felt a very powerful ki blast tear through his stomach...

"Makankosappou!!" Piccolo screamed as he let his most powerful attack, and the most powerful attack on the planet, fly from his two outstretched fingers toward the large man.

It hit it's target, just below the ribcage. Lower than he'd hoped, but a gut shot was a killing shot... just not as quickly.

The figure wheeled around on his heels, blood flowing from his torso and mouth, and looked up in dismay at Piccolo, who had just attacked him... He stumbled forward a few steps before clumsily taking to bukujutsu.

With such a serious injury, this man wasn't going to be even half as difficult to kill, and the Namekseijin knew this.

"BAKA!" The man screamed as he headed toward Piccolo, murder in his eyes.

Piccolo had but a fraction of a second to move, but that was more than plenty as he zanzoken'd out of the way, and behind his injured foe, grinning as he drove his elbow into the man's back, just between the shoulder blades, and then spinning around quickly to administer a powerful round house to the side of the man's very thick skull.

The kick knocked his adversary into a death spin toward the ground. About halfway there, ki enveloped his body as he quickly stopped, a grimace of pain on his face and blood flowing freely from his earlier wound.

Kuso! That fool caught me off guard and almost killed me... why the Hell didn't my scouter pick up a ki like that? Damn thing is probably broken...

Raditsu moved slowly closer to the Namekseijin, and smirked, despite the incredible pain he was in.

"What is your name anyway? The author is tired of calling you 'The Namekseijin' during parts of the story from my POV..."


"Ok, thanks, I'm Raditsu. Now... Shi ne!!!"

With that, Raditsu launched himself at Piccolo, but instead of attacking, he zanzoken'd out of sight. He reappeared behind the Nameksei-er... Piccolo, and spun around, firing a large ki blast him. Piccolo barely had enough time to turn, let alone put up a decent ki shield. He was hit almost full force and fell smoking to the ground.

Despite gravity's uncaring grasp on him, he never hit the ground. Instead, Raditsu had zanzoken'd down and caught him... with his knee.

With his foe draped over his knee, Raditsu dumped him off to the ground and aimed his outstretched palm at his head, a faint glow of ki eminating from his hand.

"See ya never..."

At this, Raditsu let loose the first of five large ki blasts, decimating a large area of land on Kame's island, and causing a very large dust cloud.

Raditsu let out a short laugh and fell to one knee, his head dizzy from the lack of blood left in his body.

Behind him, he heard a shout of triumph and a large ki blast. He shut his eyes tight and thought quickly: I'm such a fool... of course I never check to see if he was dead...

But a few seconds passed and he never felt death close its jaws around him... He opened his eyes and sure enough, there was a crater that was slowly filling with sea water, but no dead, battered Namekseijin body. He slowly, to avoid passing out, turned his head and looked behind him... and gasped!

Kakarotto That was his name... Kakarotto... why couldn't I remember that before? And why does it seem like I'm missing most of my life... I left my space pod in the arms of a Chikyuujin and was raised for a short while under his care... but then what? And now, here I am, lying face first in a puddle of my own blood. Two dead Chikyuujin near me... What's this? A green warrior is about to kill that Saiyajin! He will surely die...

Before he knew what was happening, the green man with the triumphant look in his face was cut down by Kakarotto's own attack to the base of the skull. A quick open handed chop and a discharge of Ki did the trick. He fell to the ground lifeless, a large hole gone from his neck where his spine once met his now-dead brain.

That felt good.

A very loud and high pitched beep woke Raditsu as he found himself in a rejuvination chamber.

How did I get here? He wondered silently.

As the liquid swiftly drained, he was met by an answer. A newly fixed Kakarotto stood in front of his tank dressed in the typical Saiyajin garb. Tight black spandex style pants covered his legs. They were, however, made of an almost indestructable material, very unlike spandex. In fact, the only similarity between the two was the ability to stretch and the way it hugged a person's features. On his torso was hung a Saiyajin chest plate. One without the large protective shoulder pads. Over his right eye was a red scouter which beeped briefly as Raditsu's tank slid open slowly. Kakarotto wore no gloves, but had a pair of white boots with yellow toe tips worn by most of Furiza's army. In these clothes, he looked almost exactly like Bardock...

In addition to his out of character clothing, Kakarotto also wore an out of character scowl and smirk, common to the Saiyajin race. In fact, the only thing separating Kakarotto from Bardock was a very large scar on Bardock's left cheek and the fact that Kakarotto had much lesser muscle mass.

Raditsu exited the tank entirely naked and dried himself with his ki, a technique learned shortly after birth.

"Well well Kakarotto, I see that you have had a change of heart... I can't say that I'm not glad."

Kakarotto reached up to his scouter and pushed the side panel, "Hmm... you are powerful indeed, fellow Saiyajin... over 1500... mind explaining who you are and why I don't remember most of my life?" he asked after the scouter's rapid beeping stopped.

"Come with me, Kakarotto."

Raditsu exited the room entirely naked... remembered this, and turned abruptly back into the room, red faced...

"Umm... er... ah... could I... get some clothes please?"

"And you came to live with these... Chikyuujin... as though you were one of them. Honestly Kakarotto... how could you stand it?"

His brother had told him the whole entire story, front to back. As far as he knew, he must have been trained by someone on Chikyuu because he knew how to fight. He also knew some very potent ki attacks.

"I don't remember any of it... I just know that I'm back with Saiyajin and I want to kill something.... soon..."

"Ha ha ha! That's the Saiyajin spirit we were looking for! Now get the hell out of my site you third class dog..." Raditsu spat at this last comment and pushed Kakarotto toward the door.

Kakarotto soon found himself kneeling in the throne room, facing the Saiyajin ouji, Bejita, himself. This room was more or less made to show off the power that Bejita possessed. With two elite guards at the door, ornate rugs and hangings, the place looked royal enough. Bejita had on his royal armor, meant more for looks than to actually protect against any blow. It was thin and decorated, with a long, flowing, red cape attached at the shoulders. Bejita wore a thin gold band around his forehead.

"You called for me, my Lord?"

"Yes. It seems that you were... er... lost... on Chikyuu. Now that you are back and whole again, it is time that you proved that you are indeed Saiyajin. I want you to void Chikyuusei of all life except those who put up a reasonably good fight. Your power level was read to be over 400 when you boarded the ship, so the Chikyuujin should be no match for you."

"Yes my lord."

"Oh, Kakarotto..." Bejita said as he got up to leave, "Please be kind and bring back a few dozen good looking females for the harem. The elites have been... rough with the concubines lately and a few have been killed."

"Yes my lord." Kakarotto replied as he stood up, bowed low and walked slowly from the throne room. He kept his shoulders square and his gait firm and deliberate, so as not to show the Prince that he was nervous.

Bejita was a very formidable person, sitting high above his subjects in a large throne atop half a dozen marble stairs. His power level was somewhere over 18,000, more than four times that of Nappa, the Prince's personal guard. His icy gaze alone could set the most seasoned of fighters into slight trembles, which is why Kakarotto was careful to keep his eyes to the floor. To bring the wrath of the house of Bejita meant death... slow and painful.

Kakarotto had only been off the ship for half an hour, and already he had leveled three cities and was making his way to Pepper Town. It felt so good to kill... he felt his Saiyajin blood pumping through his veins. All he could think was; get strong, kill more. He was almost crazed with blood lust.

As he neared Pepper Town, he saw thousands of people fleeing for their pathetic lives. Traffic was backed for miles and Kakarotto could here the horns beeping, men cursing, women screaming and children crying. It felt good.


The city quickly shot into view. Noise and lights flooded into Kakarotto's enhanced Saiyajin senses.

*Piii pi pi pi* The scouter narrowed in on two incoming figures... no, three.

Their power levels didn't top 250.

"I can't believe this! Goku has gone mad and is blowing up cities?" cried Tenshinhan in a dismayed tone.

"I know... this is terrible."

"Chaou-zu, stay back unless we really need you help. Goku is strong."

"Right, Ten."

"Yamcha, let's kick his ass."

"Hmm hmm hmm," Kakarotto mused, "this should be fun..."

Two of the fighters stopped just in front of him, and the third stayed slightly back.

Kakarotto smirked.

"Shi ne," he whispered at the small white fighter as he brought up his hand, palm facing out, fingers spread, and sent the baka to Hell.

This outraged the bald fighter... with three eyes.

"Chaou-zu! No!! You son of a bitch! What the hell is wrong with you!?"

Kakarotto raised an eyebrow and ki enveloped him.

"Goku, why are you doing this!?" asked the black haired Chikyuujin. He had a cross scar on his cheek and tears in his eyes. Coward.

Remembering at the very last second to keep them alive, Kakarotto held back the ki blast that would have left nothing of them but random limbs. He wiped at a trail of blood flowing from his mouth and picked them up under both his arms.

Hmm... I guess I should take these baka back to the ship. Son of a bitch... and I forgot to get a couple females.

"Bejita-sama, we have located your son."

"Mmmm? Oh really? Where has that brat ouji turned up this time?"

"He's in orbit just outside of the atmosphere of Chikyuusei. Aparently he decided to retreive a rebel Saiyajin."

"Thank you, now leave me in peace. My son no longer interests me. Let him build his own puny empire, Furiza will crush it if I cannot."

"Yes, my Lord."

After leaving the ship for the second time, Kakarotto scanned the cities that weren't wrecked for signs of Chikyuujin females.

He remembered seeing the one in a ki bubble on that island, so he took off in that direction.

The island came into view and Kakarotto spotted the faint glow of his brother's ki.

"Goku! Son-kun, why did you kill Piccolo?" He heard the Chikyuujin ask as he neared her round ki jail.

Hmm... she's pretty damn sexy...

"Hey there, Chikyuujin, come with me and I won't have to kill you."

"Chikyuujin? Huh? Son, what are you talking about?"

Kakarotto, having heard enough, released the girl from the ki bubble and slung her over his shoulder and lightly jumped into the air.

What the hell is the matter with Son!? He's wearing the same armor as that Saiyajin and he's got one of those odd looking monocles on...

"Not so fast! Jeez... slow down!"

"Silence, Chikyuujin."

"What's all this 'Chikyuujin' business, Son? And where are you taking me?"

"I don't know who this 'Goku' is, but I'm taking you to Lord Bejita for the harem. You are to be a concubine."

"A concubine? You mean, like a sex slave!?"

"That's right. Shut up and you may live."

By the time Kakarotto left the ship for the third time that day, the sun was almost above the horizon. He turned back toward the city he was going to destroy earlier that night.

Soon enough Pepper Town came into view, a black silhouette against the rising sun. Kakarotto felt the cool morning air against his bare arms as he flew.

He landed next to what appeared to be a karate dojo and powered up. With a quick movement, he raised his arms over his head and the entire city was engulfed in his destructive ki.

"Chaaaaaaa!!!" Kakarotto screamed as the buildings nearest him disintegrated, the ones farther away simply exploded and the buildings farther still were knocked over.

Soon he quieted his ki to a whirring flame encircling his body as stones, bricks and steel beams fell to the ground around him.

Kakarotto stood and breathed hard, calming himself slightly, his heart pounding at the power he possessed.

He touched the side of his scouter and began to scan the area for living beings. Although his blast took out the entire city, it was still not enough to kill anything worth fighting, and definitely not enough to kill anything worth taking back to Prince Bejita.


"Ahhh... there's something..."

Shikerou watched as the black dot neared him. His heart pounded and his head swam from the damage he had taken. He was standing in his dojo's standard sutansu. He had his left hand forward, palm out, index and middle fingers slightly bent, but pointed toward his enemy. His ring and little fingers were both bent almost fully, and his thumb pointing relatively parallel to his pointer. Shike's right hand was in a fist, palm up, at his right hip. His right leg was slightly back, perpendicular to his right shoulder and his left foot was placed just under his extended left hand, toes toward his enemy. He held his chin close to his chest, looking out from his blonde bangs at his foe.

Shike had just enough time to breathe and clear his mind when a black haired man with some sort of odd armor and a red monocle stopped mere yards from him. He had come speeding up with his toes pointed toward the ground, but keeping inches off of it, orange ki whirring around him, distorting his features.

"Chikyuujin, come with me if you want to live."

"Who are you? Why did you destroy Pepper Town?"

"I am a Saiyajin. That is all you need know."

"You want me to come with you? I'd rather die."

"Well then... shi ne!" the Saiyajin screamed as he attacked Shike head on.

A flurry of punches and kicks followed, most deflected by Shikerou's very impressive blocks. His dojo was renowned as the second best place to be trained in the martial arts... after Kamesennin himself.

The two separated after a few seconds. The Saiyajin had a sly smirk on his face as he wiped a bit of blood from his mouth.

"You're good. You'll live."

"Huh? Who are you to decide if I will live? You're good... but you will die for destroying my home and my city... and killing my FAMILY! Chiaaaaat!"

At this, Shikerou attacked full force and landed quite a few impressive punches and kicks on the Saiyajin. His rage exploded and with every landed punch came a small ki explosion, magnifying the effectiveness of his attacks.

Kakarotto staggered back under the weight of Shike's attacks. Shike blocked every one of his attempted counters.

"I'll kill you!!" Shike screamed over the whirring of Kakarotto's ki, the explosions of his own on the Saiyajin's body.

After a few moments of this outraged attack, Shikerou leaned in to Kakarotto and drove a ki sheild covered knee into his gut. Kakarotto spit out blood onto Shike's face, and he quickly burned it off with his green ki. As the Saiyajin slowly fell backwards off of Shikerou's outstretched leg, the look of pain and surprise on his opponent's face was enough to make him smile.

Suddenly, Shike felt a dull pain in the back of his head... and knew no more...

"Yes, my Prince."

"Good. You say he put up a valiant fight?"

"Yes, my Prince."

"Then he will make a good soldier. It's not often you run across a powerful Chikyuujin... he may be 'the one'... Leave me."

"Yes, my Prince. May your reign be eternal." Kakarotto ended with the formal dismissal as he stood, bowed and left the room.

Bejita pondered the emergence of this powerful Chikyuujin. Just as there was the stories of the "Legendary Super Saiyajin", there were those of a "Super Chikyuujin" as well. Were this the one, he had a powerful fighter on his hands. Hopefully he could break his spirits and the Chikyuujin would serve him. Unfortunately, Chikyuujin are about as loyal as rats... they are constantly warring with groups of their own species and even rebeling against their leaders. But, even if this Chikyuujin proved to become an SCJ, he still would never be much more powerful than an elite Saiyajin...

Chapter 2