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Chikyuujin Chronicles

Chapter 3: Where are we? A new beginning.

Yamucha awoke in a panic. Thick green liquid surrounded him and he could hardly move. There was a respirator attached to his mouth from which a tube ran to the ceiling of the cell. He punched the glass, trying his best to break through the thick dome in front of him, but it was just too strong. He noticed something very strange. Every time he hit the glass, his hand would hurt, but the pain would quickly diminish. Suddenly, a loud, piercing beep sounded and the liquid drained out. He stood up and the green syrup dripped off of him. His black hair hung thickly around his face and stuck to his forehead. Then, a tall, black haired man walked over to the side of the glass dome and made a few movements with his arm, seemingly pushing buttons, and with a loud hiss, the dome slowly swung upward.

Yamucha grabbed the respirator and pulled it from his mouth.

"Where am I?"

The man only smirked and pushed a bundle of clothes into his arms. His hair was spiked on the right side and in back, just like Goku's. He was wearing an armor chestplate that came to the bottom of his ribs and had two straps that wrapped around each shoulder. From the armor hung a plate over each thigh. On his legs, he wore dark blue spandex-like material and on his feet he wore red boots. On his wrists were blood-red wrist-bands. Over his right eye he wore a light green glass attached to a white box that went over his ear. Much like the one Goku wore... This man looked very familiar.

"I asked you a question, asshole."

"You, my friend, had better be more careful with what you say to an elite if you want to survive."


"I am an elite Saiyajin. My powerlevel is over 10,000."

"What the hell is a powerlevel?"


Yamucha then noticed that he was entirely naked. Flushing, he quickly pulled the black, stretchy pants over his legs. He then slipped the shirt, made of the same cloth, over his head. The shirt hugged his muscular features. He put on the boots next, they were of an almost rubber-like material, although when he tested the toes, they seemed almost to create energy and pushed his foot off the ground a few inches. Amazing...

He looked curiously at the armor. It didn't seem to offer much protection, as it was almost like a soft rubber. Although it seemed a little too small, he could easily stretch it over his upper body. It was pliant under his fingers and stretched very easily. He decided to test it for its worth as protection. He balled his right hand into a tight fist and struck the armor. Unbelievable... he didn't feel a thing...

"Hey... what's the armor made out of?"

"Shut up and follow me..."

As the Saiyajin walked out of the room, Yamucha fell into step behind.

How did I, as an elite Saiyajin, get stuck proding these fools around like friggin' cattle? This is bull shit...

Bardock stopped in front of the room assigned to the Chikyuujin, along with a few others. He hit the "open" button and the door hissed quietly and slid smoothly open. Why the hell does everything hiss when you open it?

"Go in, shut up and wait until you're called to fight."


"Yes, fight. If it hadn't taken your pathetically weak Chikyuujin body so long to heal then you'd have heard the announcement made by Bejita-sama. Fight and live and you'll join his army, die and you'll be used to fuel the ship."

The Chikyuujin winced at this. Bardock, having seen enough of the recruit for one day, picked him up and threw him into the room. He pressed the "Close" button and the door slid shut as he walked away from the room.

Kakarotto sat in the quarters that were assigned to him. Not unlike the new recruits, low level Saiyajin didn't get their own rooms. This one was shared by 3 others, with room for one more.

He stared hard at the reflection in the mirror which returned the thoughtful gaze. He tried hard to remember his life on Chikyuu, but the best he got was a distant "feeling".

Suddenly, the door hissed loudly and he turned to greet whoever was coming in.

At first, Kakarotto stood puzzled. He had definitely looked away from the mirror, but it seemed as though the person walking in was just his own reflection. This person was Kakarotto's exact match... almost. He was slightly taller than Kakarotto, had different armor on, and sported a large scar on his left cheek that he had, by Kakarotto's guess, gotten during a fight.


The man pushed past Kakarotto, ignoring his questioning look, and sat down on one of the bunks.

"Hello, Kakarotto."

"Who are you?"

"I am Bardock, an elite Saiyajin with a power level of over 10,000."

Kakarotto looked at his guest with a new respect for the man... his power was almost one third Bejita-sama's himself.

"I am also your father."

At this, Kakarotto gasped and his eyes widened considerably. He had guessed that the man may have some relation to him, but he hadn't thought the man was his father.

"Tousan..." Kakarotto whispered, "Naze? Why do you come here?"

"I wished to look upon my son."


"When you were born you had a combat rating of a mere 2. Most born have at least 10 or greater." with this, Bardock reached up and tapped his scouter. *Beep* He watched the numbers rise to 425 where they stopped.

"Not bad. You have much greater potential, however. We will begin your training immediately. Follow me."

Kakarotto followed his new found father from the room, wondering about his life, not for the first time.

Tenshinhan awoke and found himself in a like position as his friend. He look around with all three eyes, taking in his new situation. After a few moments, he saw a large man come over and stand to the side of his liquid-filled cell. The liquid slowly drained out and the door opened outward and up and Ten stood, dripping with green ooze and staring at his large-haired captor.

"Well, I suppose you expect me to fear you?"

"Hmmph, bad attitude," the large man muttered, "No, I just expect you to hurry the hell up, dry yourself off and get dressed so I can go hit the harem."

"Very well."

At this, Tenshinhan quickly charged enough ki around his body to vaporize the nasty gel-like liquid. Then, he took the clothes the brute held and quickly dressed. He had questions, but he was sure that this man would not answer all of them.

"Two questions. Who are you and where am I?"

"I am a Saiyajin. You are in space."

With that, the Saiyajin turned abruptly and exited the room through the door across the way, Ten close behind. He was led down a long hallway lined with similar ports through which, Ten guessed, lay quarters for captives like himself. The Saiyajin stopped at one such door, pressed a button marked with odd letters, and the door hissed and slid open.

Inside lay eight bunks, four directly ahead, two to his right and two to his left. Without hesitating, Ten stepped into the room and looked around as the door closed behind him.

He looked around at his new quarters. The walls were an unremarkable off-white color and the beds had thin white sheets on them with a very thin pillow at one end. The matresses were also thin and Ten didn't think he would be sleeping well in this place.

"Hello." a shy voice said to him from behind.

Ten turned to see a short alien, about as tall as his waist, standing behind him wearing identical armor.

"My name is Senjo." It said, in a high pitched voice. With that, the purple alien extended his three-fingered hand, palm toward Ten.

Tentatively, Ten reached his palm toward the Senjo's outstretched hand.

"My name is Tenshinhan."

Ten's hand neared the small alien's and suddenly, the creature withdrew his hand and moved back a step, spun in a circle and let out a short "whoop", startling Ten and a few nearby captives.

"Welcome to our humble abode, Ten. I am of a race called Giseijin."

"I am a Chikyuujin," Ten replied. "So, why the hell am I here and not dead?"

"Well, apparently, Bejita, the prince of the Saiyajin race, has revolted against his father and Furiza."

"None of these names are familiar..."

The small alien sighed deeply and motioned towards a nearby bunk, "Sit down, I have a lot to explain..."

Buruma's situation was no better. She had been taken directly to the harem where she remained confused as ever and as scared as she had ever been. All around her, aliens of every stripe abounded. All were female and most did not fit into the description that most humanoids called "beautiful". She had been stripped of her own clothes and fitted with a tight white suit that all of the other female captives wore. She looked down at her chest and once again admired the incredibly fine stitching that made up the embroidered "Chikyuu" logo adorning her suit. The suit itself was equally amazing, as it seemed to stretch to no end, and yet seemed unreasonably protective. The beds, she soon found out, were also very remarkable, as the sheets were thin, they also retained heat very very well. The thin matress, although not the apitimy of comfort, still was unusually comfortable despite it's thickness. The whole room seemed to be a technological smorgasbord. The lights seemed to illuminate the entire room, and leave only the faintest of shadows, but to look at them directly did not mean to hurt one's eyes. They were the same brightness at the source as they were at the other end of the room. These mysterious lights lined the room, front to back along the ceiling.

There were several mirrors in the harem. This fact did not escape Buruma, as she caught herself fixing her hair more than a few times over the course of her stay on the incredible ship. Another fact that did not escape her, however, was that this was a harem: a holding place for concubines; a whore house. She feared her future, and yet couldn't help but wonder about the incredible technology that the Saiyajin (she had learned about the Saiyajin from a fellow concubine) possessed.

Chapter 4