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Chikyuujin Chronicles

Chapter 4: Kakarotto and Shike, survive the training! Yamucha vs Tenshinhan!?

The training room was no more than a large area with a very high ceiling. It's walls were the same off white color as the rest of the interior of the ship. On one wall, next to the door, however, there was a small control panel that was used to determine the gravity of the room. It was currently set at 1G. 1G however, was not the same on this ship, Kakarotto soon found out, as on Chikyuu. The device was set to Bejitasei's gravity level, which is about ten times that of Chikyuu's.

At first, Kakarotto had a difficult time even moving under ten times the gravity his body was used to. He had to shuffle around, knees bent, and walk very slowly. Bardock noticed this and decided to wait until his son could function under this gravity.

"Kakarotto, your first task is to get used to a higher gravitational pull. This alone will make you stronger. I'll be back in 3 days to check your progress. Your food will be brought to you, so you need not worry about that. Understood?"

"Hai, otousan." he gasped under the weight of the air around him.

Bardock spun about and walked from the room. As he left, he stopped shortly by the gravity control and pressed a button that Kakarotto couldn't see. Momentarily, however, Kakarotto knew what the button was... as he fell directly on his face. His father had increased the gravity.

Shikerou awoke once again in the familiar rejuvination tank. He waited until the liquid was drained and the door opened to remove the respirator. He stepped from the tank and burned off the goo with his ki, as he had seen others do. He looked around and realized that he was either in the same room as last time, or every rejuvination room was the same.

"Come with me," said the Saiyajin that was sent to retreive him, "You are going to train."

Shikerou dressed and followed the short Saiyajin from the room. Soon, he found himself in one of the many long, indescript hallways. How could anyone find their way around in here without getting lost?

As the Saiyajin entered the room, Shike followed and immediately fell onto his face the moment he crossed the threshold.

"Oh, and the gravity is set at Bejitasei's level; ten times that of Chikyuu."

"Thanks..." said the flattened Shikerou from the floor.

"And so, Bejita has revolted against his father, Bejita ou, and has created his own empire. He's using us, his captives, to create an army big enough to hold his own against Bejita ou and Furiza. We're being tested to cull out the weaker fighters. Everyone has to fight in order to survive."

"So the tournament is a fight to the death?" Ten asked.

"Hai," Senjo replied somberly.

With things in a new light, Tenshinhan took his surroundings in once again. The room was too small to train properly so he and his companion couldn't improve before he was called to fight. Which was just then.

A large Saiyajin entered the room and called his name in a deep voice, "Tenshinhan."

Ten stepped forward and was hand-cuffed. He left the room behind the barrel-chested warrior without even a glance at his companion.

As he walked through the door that led into the fighting arena, he could hear the shouts of the Saiyajin as they cheered for the next fight to begin. Ten was almost positive that they would much rather be in the fights than watching them. The room was very very large; about the size and shape of a football field and the ceiling was probably five or six stories high. He guessed that this was to allow for bukujutsu, but could also be protection against large explosions from powerful ki blasts. The bigger the room the less pressure on the walls and ceiling... not to mention the spectators.

The Saiyajin stepped over to him and removed the cuffs, just as the other fighter entered on the opposite side. From that distance and with the Saiyajin standing in front of his opponent, Ten couldn't quite make out who he was to fight. Behind him, he heard the door slide shut as the Saiyajin left the arena. Just then, the other Saiyajin moved away from his opponent and out the door behind him. Tenshinhan gasped and his eyes widened when he recognized his opponent. He couldn't believe it...

"Chikyuujin, Tenshinhan: Powerlevel 250 versus Chikyuujin, Yamucha: Powerlevel 177," said a disembodied voice that wafted through the air out of speakers attached to the ceiling.

Tenshinhan's jaw dropped and his heart jumped to his throat. He had to kill his friend Yamucha to survive!? He suddenly felt dizzy. Ten looked across the hundred-fifty yards to his friend and saw that he, too, was in shock.

I can't believe this! I can't kill Yamucha!

As the two stood there, dumbstruck, the Saiyajin in the crowd began yelling at them and taunting them.

"Fight!" yelled the disembodied voice over the speaker system.

Tenshinhan didn't make a move. He couldn't! They expected him to kill his own friend?

"Fight or you'll both be killed! You have five seconds to begin..."

Ten didn't know what to do. Either he was to kill his friend or be killed himself. Either way one of them was going to die.


Yamucha sprang into action and attacked his friend in a half-hearted run across the arena which ended in a half dozen weak punches, all of which were blocked and thrown out wide.

Both fighters bounced back and away from each other, landing in a defensive posture. They couldn't keep the training-style fighting up for long because one or the other would have to die before they left the arena.

Ten was still confused and angered that he would have to fight his long time friend to the death. He looked for an opening in his friend's defensive sutansu and launched a quick attack. Most of his kicks and punches were blocked except for one that landed squarely on Yamucha's face. The crowed booed when they saw that it was weak and didn't draw any blood.

Once again the fighters moved away from each other. Ten charged a weak ki blast that would make a big "boom" but wouldn't cause any real damage. He let it fly and Yamucha barely dodged, throwing a blast of his own and catching Ten by surprise. He was stunned, but he didn't really feel the blast, as it was also weak and the armor absorbed most of the impact.

For a third time, the reluctant combatants stopped the fight to size one another up. At this, a large ki blast was thrown from the stands which hit between the two and sent them flying backwards. As they slowly got to their feet, the crowd booing and yelling, the announcer once again scolded them.

"Fight or die, you have ten seconds to draw some blood."

Tenshinhan reluctantly started the attack and landed a few good punches on Yamucha's face. He knew he was more powerful than Yamucha and he knew he could win this fight with out much trouble, but he couldn't bring himself to try and hurt his friend in earnest.

Yamucha advanced, punches and kicks flying, but Tenshinhan easily dodged or blocked all of them and returned with a hard punch to the mouth, which drew enough blood to keep them alive.

A few "whoops" and hollers came up from the onlooking soldiers, but they wouldn't be appeased until one or both lay dead in the arena.

Tenshinhan was tired of this horrible game. He ran to Yamucha and whispered a few things in his ear. A look of shock and horror went to his face but then he nodded his approval, his look then being one of absolute resolve.

Suddenly the two flew straight up into the air and each charged very large ki blasts, turned away from each other and let them fly into the crowds of Saiyajin warriors.

"SHIN KIKOHOU!" Tenshinhan screamed as he blasted a large hole in the stands, injuring a few Saiyajin in the process. He let fly with attack after attack, relentlessly killing as many as possible before a quick bolt of ki shot through his chest, fired by Bejita himself.

As he fell, Tenshinhan saw Yamucha go down shortly after, saw the havoc and chaos caused by his blast, saw the smirk on Bejita's face. Then he saw no more. Tenshinhan wa shin da **.

Kakarotto tried yet again to push himself off of the ground. He moved his hands under his chest and pushed straight up, trying to bring his knees underneath his incredibly heavy body. Yet again he fell forwards onto his face. His nose was bleeding and his entire body ached. Even breathing was a very difficult task. He lay there, blood flowing from his nose, and cursed his weak body. He slowly tried to roll onto his back. Pushing with his right hand, Kakarotto managed to lift the right side of his body off of the floor a few inches. Slowly he pushed, turning over until he lay on his side. Suddenly he rolled the whole way over and slammed down, his head hitting hard off the tile floor. When it hit, it didn't even bounce, it just struck and lay because of the incredible gravity. Kakarotto's lungs ached from the strain of breathing while laying on the ground.

Slowly and painfully, Kakarotto leaned forward, struggling to a sitting position. Then, he brought his legs underneath him and slowly moved into a crouch position, with his hands on the floor in front of him. He slowly rose to his feet and raised his head.

After hours of laying on the ground and numerous failed attempts of standing, Kakarotto felt a surge of pride at finally conquering the gravity. He stood as straight as he could and took a step forward. The incredible gravity almost conquered him once more as his stumbled and almost fell, but he regained his balance and caught his breath. Then he took another step.

Shikerou was having a like time with his own training. After a few hours, he too was able to stand. After he walked around for a bit, a guard came and led him from the training room. The moment he walked through the door, he felt incredibly light. He was incredibly exhausted too, though. The guard led him to the nearest rejuve room and he was happy to enter the tank and slowly drift from consciousness. He awoke some time later and dried himself with his ki, stepped from the tank and was led back to his room. His roommates had been reduced to two other fighters. These had not fought their second fight yet. Shikerou kept his distance, as he didn't want to have to fight a friend or even someone he knew only vaguely, for that matter.

After a short while, he was taken, along with his fellow captives, to eat once again. The food, as usual, was not horribly bad, but didn't have any particularly nice qualities either. The fact is, it didn't have any particular qualities at all. It was a mashed-potatoes style greul, off-white in color and incredibly bland in taste. He was told, apon asking a Saiyajin, that only the captives were fed the pasty food-substitute and the Saiyajin and other troops had food that actually tasted good. Apparently this nasty stuff was high in protein, and it kept him alive, so Shike wasn't going to complain. He just wished he had some butter.

After his dinner, Shike was once again led back to his room. There he meditated for about an hour or so before being led back into the training room.

At first, it was hard to move again, but soon enough his muscles warmed up and he was able to walk about freely, if not quickly. He stopped to stretch his muscles before beginning his training in earnest.

He started off with a quick and easy kata. At least, it was easy under Earth's normal gravity, but in the training room, it was uncommonly difficult to hold the precarious sutansu of this normally elementary kata. Once he finished, Shikerou began another, more advanced kata. One in which he would have to hold much more strenuous sutansu for longer periods of time. This kata took him quite a while to complete, because he started over any time he faltered from the gravity.

Raditsu paced his quarters musing over his newly recovered brother. He was glad he didn't actually have to kill him, even though he wouldn't let anybody else know that. Raditsu decided to drop in on his younger brother's training session and knock him around a bit. He was bored as all hell and it always felt good to beat up the weaker soldiers.

He reached the door to the gravity room shortly and opened it. With the patented loud *hiss*, the door slid smoothly open and he stepped in... to find Kakarotto laying on the ground, face down, panting for breath. What a weak pathetic fool.

"What the hell are you doing on the floor?"


"Ok smart ass," and at the word 'ass', Raditsu gave Kakarotto a sharp kick in the ribs to emphasize his point, "Why are you on the floor?"

"I'm tired as hell, quick kicking me."

"Get up."

Kakarotto wearily lifted himself to his feet, shaking slightly. Raditsu marveled inwardly at Kakarotto's ability to withstand the three times gravity so well. It had taken Raditsu weeks to get used to it, and to top it off, Kakarotto had been living on a rock with next to no gravity for his entire life. For him it was the equivalent to thirty times gravity...

"You haven't been training."

Kakarotto gave his older brother a confused look.

"This is training..." with that, Raditsu punched Kakarotto as hard as he could in the face. He continued to beat the already-weary Saiyajin until he blacked out and didn't struggle. Raditsu hefted Kakarotto over his shoulder and walked from the room, to the nearest rejuve tank.

Chapter 5