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Chikyuujin Chronicles

Chapter 5: The second fight. Shikerou vs Senjo!

The small purple warrior, Senjo, stood before the reflective metal surface that was his cell door. Senjo's fellow roommates watched the curious creature with interest. He was full of energy, yet such a small, weak appearing warrior, how could he have possibly survived one round of fighting?

"I wonder when Ten is coming back."

A loud thud was heard as the door slammed into the wall. A large Saiyajin filled the doorframe. This one was different from the others. Unlike most of the Saiyajin, this one had no hair, but his size more than compensated for that lacking feature. He spoke in a booming oafish voice.

"Senjo! You are next."

The large Saiyajin glanced around the room, none of the warriors moved.

"I said, Senjo! You are next!"

There was a small tug on the large Saiyajin's armor, and he glanced down. He saw a small purple skinned warrior, wearing battle armor.

"What the hell are you supposed to be?"

Senjo stretched his hand out towards the Saiyajin. The Saiyajin gave no response, and suddenly, Senjo withdrew his hand and moved back a step, spun in a circle and let out a short "whoop", startling the Saiyajin and amusing a few nearby captives. The large Saiyajin looked down into the smiling face of Senjo and said.

"Follow me, bakame!"

Shikerou awoke to the familiar sound of his draining rejuvenation tank. As usual he stepped out and dried himself off.

"Where is my armor?"

Shikerou found himself to be under the gaze of Saiyajin, as he turned towards his armor.

"Put that on and follow me, your second fight awaits."

Shikerou followed the Saiyajin down the off-white hallway towards the battle arena, wondering who he would fight next.

Senjo walked quickly down the familiar hallway to his next battle, his short legs having a rough time keeping up with the Saiyajin. Senjo pulled on his handcuffs to test their strength, finding them to be quite strong.

"So when will Tenshinhan be coming back? I wanted to ask him some more about Chikyuu."

"Tenshinhan? The three-eyed Chikyuujin? He's dead, struck down by Bejita-sama when he and another Chikyuujin revolted."


Senjo remained silent for the rest of the journey down the long hallway. The roars of the Saiyajin crowd could be heard the whole time. The raging warriors were cheering for the next battle, for the next kill. Senjo and his escort reached the door, which allowed them entry into the battle arena. Senjo could see his opponent, but not his face, it was shrouded by the shadow of his escort.

Shikerou looked across the vast arena, things were different for this fight, there were more attendants. In his last fight, very few watched his battle, this time hundreds of Saiyajin, maybe even thousands, filled the sides of the battleground, cheering for death, cheering for destruction.

Shikerou clenched his fists, and looked down at the bulging veins in his forearms.

I feel stronger than ever... a week of gravity training really helped-

Shikerou's thought was cut off by the deafening roar let out by the Saiyajin as the grey door, several hundred feet away opened. A large Saiyajin entered, dragging behind him a small purple warrior.

"That's my opponent?"

"Prepare yourself for battle Chikyuujin," said the Saiyajin that had retrieved him.

Shikerou walked slowly to the center of the arena. The small purple warrior walked closer to greet him. He situated his trained body into the familiar stance of his dojo as a voice came over a speaker system.

"Shikerou, Chikyuujin, Level 3 Class Warrior, Power Level 900."

Shikerou was stunned, he glanced down at his new strengthened body, and clenched his fists again, summoning all his power, the technique his sensei taught him.

"Correction, Shikerou, Power Level 1050."

The cheering Saiyajin soon began to quiet, all were stunned by the level of Shikerou's strength, many of the Saiyajin in back row stood up and began claiming the scouter readings were incorrect, Bejita himself was stunned as well.

Bejita sat on his throne in the upper levels of the battle arena, surrounded by his Elite guard.

"So his scouter reading was 1050? That's a strong Chikyuujin, perhaps my assumption was accurate."

"Nani? What assumption, my lord?"

"It is nothing to concern yourself with, Nappa, this should be a good battle."

"One question my liege, this Chikyuujin is at over 1050 in power, he is already as strong as some of our third class warriors, should we allow him to get stronger?" asked Nappa.

"He will make a very powerful ally, if he is loyal enough... Otherwise he will make excellent fuel for the ship."

Nappa only smirked in response.

"Senjo, Giseijin, Level 3 Class Warrior, Power Level 620."

There was silence for a moment as the spectators took in the incredible difference in powers of the two fighters.


With that Senjo leapt forewards and let out yell firing two small blasts, Shikerou swatted them to either side, where they exploded behind him, the force of the blasts sending small debri into the air, and wind whipping past him from behind. Shike stood looking at the Giseijin's odd sutansu. Both feet pointed inwards and knees bent slightly, with his hands out in front making slow movements, seemingly drawing figures in the air. Shikerou dashed at Senjo, who leapt straight up and fired yet another ki blast, which Shike easily dodged.

Shike stood facing the purple warrior as he landed in front of him a few hundred feet away. He instinctively moved into his all too familiar sutansu. Shikerou smirked as he felt a slight power increase in Senjo.

After a few seconds, Senjo's form started to waver and grow translucent. Within seconds Senjo disappeared entirely.

"What the hell?"

Shike could still sense Senjo's ki in the same spot where he was before. Cloaking, Shikerou reasoned. He didn't move.

Suddenly, Shike felt the ki disappear and reappear behind him, and he quickly spun around, his right fist leading the way.

It landed square on Senjo's face, and the alien was thrown a dozen feet where he rolled across the floor.

After a short skid, Senjo lept up into his odd sutansu and wiped a bit of bright green blood that burned holes in the floor where it landed. He smiled at Shikerou, showing small, white, sharp teeth.

Senjo charged up a small ball of energy in his hand, and dashed forward at Shikerou at incredible speed. The punch landed on Shikerou's face and ki erupted around him. Shike was thrown backwards out of the smoke and landed a few feet away. He lay there for a moment before rising shakily to his feet.

"That all you got?"

Shikerou yelled and slammed Senjo in the face with an outstretched palm. Senjo fell to his back, and was still for a moment. Shikerou leapt into the air and once again drew back his fist as he flew downward. Shikerou drove his fist forward into Senjo's gut, crushing the small aliens lower ribs. Senjo coughed and spit his acidic blood in Shike's face.

Grabbing his burning face, he stumbled backwards and fell into a sitting position.

Senjo rolled backwards and got back to his feet. Shikerou wiped the blood and acid from his face and cursed loudly, still holding the left side of his face, he sized up the small alien. Senjo stood in his sutansu looking to be in much pain. Bright green blood dripped from his lips.


The small purple alien was hurled backwards and he slammed a hole in the far wall. Shikerou leapt forward and unleashed a flurry of punches, mercilessly pounding the life out of Senjo. Shikerou extended his left arm, clutched his wrist with his right hand. His open palm began to glow a soft green color. Shikerou fired a blast filling the hole with energy, causing a large explosion, and a great deal of smoke. He leapt backwards revealing his armor stained with green blood. Shikerou waited patiently as the small purple alien fell out of the wall and to his knees.

Senjo coughed up a large puddle of blood at Shike, narrowly missing his legs and burning a large hole into the floor in the process.

As he attempted to stand it was quite easy to see the damage Shike had inflicted. His chest and rib armor was virtually non-existent, and his parts that lacked armor were battered and bruised.

"Still alive I see."

Senjo clutched his ribs as he rose to his knees.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"What are you laughing at, you purple midget? You're about to die!"

Senjo's whole body began to glow, his tiny muscles fluctuated. His eyes and mouth were solid white, full of energy. Senjo's polite and gentle tone from earlier had completely disappeared. His former laugh was replaced by an evil cackle. His white teeth morphed into sharp canines, his three fingers and three toes into claws. Shikerou stumbled backwards and shielded his eyes from the bright light. Senjo exploded with energy, and once again a bright white light filled the entire arena. Nothing could be heard over the sound of the Saiyajin crowd and their mighty roar for battle. The light soon faded, and after what had been seen, Shikerou was left with only one word to say:

"Holy son of a midget porn-star!"

Before him stood the new, and vastly improved Senjo, a twelve-foot tall abomination with sharp claws and teeth, accompanied by impressive muscles. His armor was gone, and only a few fragments of it lay on the floor around him.

"Shimatta, how am I supposed to beat this guy?"

The familiar voice returned to the arena, letting out a shocking piece of information.

"Senjo, Transformed Giseijin, Power Level 1860."


Senjo spoke in his new, deep, menacing, voice.

"That's right Chikyuujin, my power is greater than yours..Shi ne!"

Shikerou had scarcely enough time to think to himself. This is bullshit, I already beat my last opponent, how many damn times do I have to fight to get these Saiyajin to leave me alone. I gotta figure out a way to beat this guy. It looks like he put a lot of energy into his transformation, so I bet he doesn't have much left to fight me with, so I just have to out last him.

Shikerou's thought was interrupted by a downward swipe from the hulking purple warrior Senjo. His razor sharp claws tore through Shikerou's armor, and his skin. Shikerou glanced down to see three clean slices in his right chest plate, blood was leaking from each wound. His head raised just in time to catch a closed fist under the jaw. Senjo's brute strength rocketed Shikerou into the air. Senjo use the zanzoken technique, and appeared above Shikerou driving his double axehandle chop down into Shikerou's chest. His limp body flew downward and smashed into the waiting knee of Senjo, effectively knocking the wind out of him, Shikerou couldn't breathe.

He's too fast!

Senjo raised both arms over his head, creating a huge energy ball. Senjo was hesitating, his old side seemed to shine through. For a moment the kind Senjo seemed to appear again, but it was apparent which part of him was in control. The ball wasn't big in comparison to Senjo, but it was about the size of Shikerou's torso... Senjo hurled it downward. Shikerou had no air left in him, and no time to dodge, he quickly put up a ki shield, but was still ground into the floor by the energy ball. A few seconds later, the ball exploded to the cheers of the Saiyajin. The blast was massive, and it even hurled Senjo into the air. Shikerou remained in the hole in the floor, motionless. Upon Senjo's landing, Shikerou noticed he wasn't even breathing that hard, but he had used a lot of energy. Shikerou winced at the thought of his possible death, he could feel everything with in him tightening up, his breathing accelerated, his fear made his sweat flow, and it mixed with the blood flowing from the mouth. His eyes were blood-shot, his fists clenched, and his veins were pulsing. Senjo, who was amused by this mixed display of fear and anger, waited for Shikerou to make it to his feet.

Bejita ouji stood up from his throne, and walked to his glass window, he put his hand on the glass and closed his eyes.

"Nappa, give me a scouter reading on the Chikyuujin fighter."

"Yes my Lord. His power level hasn't changed from 1050."

"Are you sure, I feel something, something isn't right, something is changing, order Raditsu to collect some factual information on these Chikyuujin, I want to know everything about them, and I want it available to me tomorrow. If this is the Super Chikyuujin I want to know what I may be dealing with."

"Super Chikyuujin, my lord?"

"You didn't hear that Nappa, now leave me."

"Yes Bejita-sama, may your reign be eternal."

With that Nappa left the room.

Shikerou clenched his fists as the giant creature lunged at him. Senjo's mouth was agape, his canines glistening in the light of the grand arena. He angled his fingers into a stabbing formation and struck at Shikerou, piecing his armor and his side. Shikerou didn't move, didn't scream. Senjo was stunned.

"Bakana..." Senjo said quietly.

Shikerou grabbed the wrist of Senjo's hand which impaled his side. He tightened his fist, and a loud snap was heard, which was accompanied by a shriek of pain from Senjo. Shikerou took to the offensive driving his fists into the abdomen of Senjo. His punch was hard, fast and unyielding. It was so quick, his arm left a smear that lingered for half a second. He spun and delivered a hard kick that shattered ribs. Senjo began to faulter, stumbling backwards he tried a clutching motion with his shattered wrist to protect his broken arm, for his efforts he earned a broken hand. Shikerou wouldn't stop, his attacks were quick and accurate, each strike broke another one of the giant's bones. Shikerou's breathing was heavy, and quick, his whole body pulsing, tears running from his eyes, but he felt no pain. Senjo began to whine.

"Mercy, please, mercy!"

Shikerou extended both hands, and both began to glow with a soft green ki.

"What? And let these Saiyajin kill me?" Shikerou asked with a grin.

With his last bit of energy the beaten Senjo exploded with rage lunging forward with his broken arm. His claws dug into Shikerou's left arm, ripping the muscles to shreds. Shikerou winced and held back no more.


He fired a large green blast that enveloped all of the twelve foot Senjo, and ripped the claws from his arm. The hulking figure could be seen no more as Shikerou poured on the energy.

The blast ceased, and Shikerou slumped over breathing heavily clutching his left arm, which dangled between his legs. His palm was filled with green ki energy, and he waited to see the smoke clear, so he could see his target. His armor was ripped to pieces, three claw marks sliced his right chest plate, a large hole in his right side was gushing blood. His lip was torn open as was his forehead. The spandex like covering for his legs was tattered and torn, his protective shoulder pad was gone altogether. Shikerou was panting heavily, still gasping for air, and waiting for the smoke to clear.

"I don't have much left, I hope that was enough."

Shikerou looked onward as the dust began to settle, first he saw a few limp limbs, a leg, and arm, then the body of Senjo, limp and lifeless against the far wall, the far wall where the real fight had begun, where the transformation had happened. Shikerou breathed a sigh of relief, and let the energy in his palm go. He half walked, half limped, over to the body of Senjo, the other Senjo, reverted back to his former, 4 foot self. He looked at the small purple alien, placed his foot on his jaw, and as he had done to Brodi, snapped his neck. He stumbled backwards and fell to his knees, clutching his side.

"Get him to the tanks," shouted a Saiyajin.

Shikerou got to his feet on his own, gazed at the cheering Saiyajin, was that his future? To fight for their entertainment?

"No! I will get to the tanks myself."

Shikerou stumbled towards the door, he fell down a few feet short of it, and passed out.

Chapter 6