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Chikyuujin Chronicles

Chapter 6: Memories, new and old. Kakarotto chooses Buruma!

Shikerou slowly drifted back to consciousness. His eyes opened to see the all-too familiar green rejuvenation liquid. To his left he could make out another figure in a tank, and in front of his tank, a blurred image. The figure tapped the blinking red drain switch, which would empty his tank. The scariest part about his abduction was that it was beginning to feel almost natural. He loved the feeling of being in control during a battle. The power that surged through him was intoxicating; it dizzied him. Shike knew he had the potential to get even stronger. He couldn't wait to train harder, to fight again. His bloodlust threatened to take over.


"Yes sensei," replied the young man in a white gi.

"You are a new student of mine, are you not?"

"Hai, sensei."

"Well then, let us start with the basics, you must develop a way of thinking towards martial arts. One thing you must always remember is that your skills make you stronger than others. Anything you learn from me should always be for your own defense, do you understand?"

"Yes sensei, I understand."

The thick green liquid drained entirely, and the thin glass door slid open. He burnt off the rejuve liquid with a small burst of energy, and removed his breathing aparatus. Shikerou stepped from his tank, and reached for his armor, it wasn't there. He turned towards the long-haired Saiyajin who had been his escort on several occasions. The muscular figure looked over towards Shikerou, and gave him a twisted grin.

"You must get your ass kicked a lot..."

Shikerou grinned at the comment, then realized he was laughing with his captors. Are they my captors? Or am I one of them now?

"I don't suppose I could get some armor."

"Armor? What's your ranking?"


The Saiyajin sighed heavily, "Ok... let me make this more clear to you, I am Raditsu, my power level is 1500, I am a Third Class Saiyajin Warrior, now you try it."

"Well I'm Shikerou... what's a power level?"

Raditsu gave a grunt and mumbled that word again. "Baka" as he fiddled with the device attached to his ear. Shikerou wondered why all the Saiyajin seemed to be obsessed with that word.

"What's that?"

"Shut up, I'm trying to get a power reading."

The small deviced beeped several times, then flashed a few alien symbols that Shike took to be numbers.

"Impossible, where are you from again?"

"I heard someone call it Chikyuu, I called it Earth."

"Chikyuujin ka? This can't be... Your power level is 1200!"

"Is that good?"

"Baka! By the Kaiou your race is annoying as hell. Here's your damned armor, and in case someone else asks, you are level 3. Now get out of here."

Shikerou put on his armor and had a puzzled look on his face.

"That's it? No handcuffs? No escort?"

"You're a level 3 warrior, with each rank upgrade you gain privileges, you can now attend fights, and train at your own pace. So if you don't mind, my brother here needs some real training."

The confused Shikerou raised an eyebrow and shrugged as he turned and made his way through the door; it shut behind him as he left.

The rejuve tank beeped several times and began to drain, Raditsu waited impatiently as the thick green liquid sank to the floor. Before him stood his younger brother, Kakarotto. The door opened and Raditsu handed Kakarotto his armor.

"Follow me."

Kakarotto didn't bother talking back after what had happened last time. Instead he put on his armor and grudgingly followed his older brother as they made their way down the off white hallways.

"So where are we going?"

"To train, you need to learn how to really fight."

The rest of the walk was in silence.


Shikerou screamed as he leapt forward with a flying kick, his sensei knocked it aside and drove him to the training mat with his right hand. Shikerou landed with a loud thud and lay still for a moment.

"That was very risky, Shike-chan."

"Well it would have really hurt if it would have landed."

"If you're going to base your fight wholly on power, then give up now. You must learn to get to your enemy before you can hit them, and it's no good when you end up on the ground at their mercy."

"I understand, Sensei. I will try my best."

"Just relax and feel your opponent. Do not see openings, know them."

Shikerou smirked at the comment and leapt to his feet. Sensei Ji was always talking in riddles like that. Shikerou had had to learn to decipher them quickly, because his teacher was always ready to implement his teachings soon after their utterence. Wasting no time he struck out at his sensei with a high back footed roundhouse kick. Ji-san blocked and Shikerou did a back flip to dodge the returning front foot thrust kick. Sensei swept his other leg around and took out Shikerou's knee. Shikerou fell to his back and let out a yell.


A rush of air swept past Sensei Ji-san and pushed him back from Shikerou. Shike leapt to his feet and assumed his sutansu.

"Good use of your ki, Shikerou, but don't stop. You had me on the retreat. Always remember, it is not the power you possess, it is how you use that power. To overcome your enemies, you must think as they do, and think better than they, and faster, or you will not survive."


"Watch where you're walking Chikyuujin!"

Shikerou was tossed into a wall by the large blue alien.

"I wonder if these Saiyajin could use some more fuel to the ship."

Shikerou ignored the comment and continued on his way down the hall toward the training area.

His scouter beeped three times, and Raditsu began to laugh.

"Only 850? Shimatta, Kakarotto, how can you stand being so weak?"

Kakarotto smirked at the remark and turned up the gravity controller to 5G's, he felt a slight tug, but as he had during his training, became accustomed to the new gravity.

Raditsu quickly charged his younger brother, right fist leading the way.

With a sickening crack, Raditsu fell the floor in severe pain. He landed to Kakarotto's left, bent over on his knees, holding himself up with his left hand. Thick red blood dripped off of his numb fingers and a bone jutted from his lacerated forearm. Tears of pain came to his eyes.

Raditsu looked up at his brother, his mouth in an un-amused smirk under his scowling eyebrows. He let out a soft chuckle.

"Raditsu... you underestimate me. My powerlevel is not 850, my brother. It is well over 5,000."

"Five thousand!? Bakana! How the hell could you possibly have a powerlevel over even 1,000!? You only trained for three hours a day! That's completely impossible!"

"Oh did I? Sorry, 'big' brother, you underestimate me yet again. Power is all that matters to me anymore. Ever since you awakened my Saiyajin nature, I have craved it, lived for it. I trained, Raditsu... I trained for twelve hours a day."

Raditsu could do nothing more than stare wide-eyed at his brother. He himself could not train for more than six hours in a day, and then he would have to rest a day, even after the rejuve tank. He knew now that his brother was much more powerful than he could ever have anticipated.

Kakarotto turned away from his injured brother. He walked toward the door, and, as he left, pushed a button on the gravity control. Raditsu fell very hard onto the floor and lay, unconscious in a growing puddle of his own blood.

Bardock's scouter was lying on a nearby table. He was gazing out of the window into open space, faint stars glittered in the distance. His scouter beeped several times. Bardock picked up the small mechanical object, and pressed a button on the back of it, the power level read 5000. Seconds later he was flying down the hall towards the training area.

Shikerou felt a gust of wind blow past him as a large Saiyajin enveloped in energy flew past. This guy was strong, Shike could feel it.

Bardock stopped as the door in front of him opened. Out stepped his son, Kakarotto, who just grinned in his direction. Bardock had a confused look on his face. He turned and looked into the room to see Raditsu on the floor, reaching for his boot. Bardock looked at Kakarotto again, then down at Raditsu. He closed the door, and smiled as Kakarotto walked triumphantly down the hall.

Shikerou stood in his sutansu, with his right hand palm-out towards the stack of bricks. His feet were both firmly planted on the ground. He clutched his right wrist with his left hand.

"Now Shikerou, concentrate, focus your energy, raise your ki."

"Hai, sensei!"

Shikerou's palm began to shake, his teeth clenched tightly, and sweat dripped into his eyes from his forehead.


Nothing happened.

"Shikerou, focus your energy! You and I both know your strength, now bring it out."

Shike felt for his ki. He reached deep into himself, trying to find his center, trying to touch his ki like he had before. He gritted his teeth, his body shaking slightly. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind, desperate to see the light he knew existed. At last he found it, and gently pulled on it, manipulating it and bringing it to the surface. Shikerou tugged the energy through his body to his outstretched palm, concentrating it and pulling it into a ball. Soon, the air in front of his hand began to waver, as though it was very hot. A small spark of light ignited in front of his palm as he brought more of his ki together.
"Shikerou, you are forcing your ki again. Do not tell it what you want it to do, show it."

Shikerou's shaking ceased, and his gritting teeth loosened, his eyebrows narrowed. The light in front of his hand intensified and glowed a soft green color. His eyes opened and focused on the bricks.


The green ball grew larger in front of his palm.


Shikerou held back no more, his arm thrust forward and he shouted with his very soul...


The green ball left his hand followed by a trail of green ki, and struck the bricks and with in an instant and a bright flash of light, they were dust.


Ji-san could not speak, he only stared in silence at his student. Shikerou stumbled forward two steps and his head met the floor.

The door slid open in front of Shike, and he stepped into the off-white room and stretched out his arms.

Shikerou pressed a button on the wall, and was instantly pulled to his knees, he fought to stand back up. The flashing light read 5G in the Saiyajin language.

Buruma stood in front of the mirror in her room. When, actually, it was more like a cell, than a room. She shared it with numerous other aliens of every stripe. Some of the aliens were very beautiful, but most were more than a little odd looking. She wasn't too surprised that one had four eyes on the back of her head.

She wondered just how long she would be stuck in this ship. It could be for the rest of her life.. in fact, she counted on it. She glanced around and gave her roomates another appraising look. One was very slim and her body shapely. She would have been very attractive by the Human race... if she didn't have light blue scales. The scales, however, were not extremely visible. They were more like those of a python; her skin more leathery than rough and scaley. She had large eyes, and her hair was clumped into an almost dred-lock style. Another alien had very bright purple eyes. They were almost fluorecent and had bright specks of green about them. Her body, too was very attractive, and her flesh seemed normal.

Suddenly, the door opened and jarred Buruma from her thoughts. In strode a man she had known her entire life, and yet had no idea who he was now. He scanned the other few dozen concubines before his gaze settled on Buruma. He lifted an eyebrow and smirked.

"Ahh... there you are. I've already looked in two other harems. I'm sure Bejita-sama wouldn't mind if I just took it upon myself to take a mate, now that I am elite."

Buruma unknowingly backed a step. Goku wants me... We've been friends for almost our whole lives, but I never really loved him in this way... She backed another step as he advanced toward her. She barely had time to think as he crossed the room in a few strides and threw his right arm around her waist.

"Come with me, Chikyuujin. It's time you proved your worth as a concubine."

He pulled her against him, tightly. Buruma gasped, which caused his grin to widen farther. Well he is kind of handsome... I guess I wouldn't mind... No. Goku is my friend! I can't believe I'm even thinking this!

He then backed a bit and grabbed her by the arm and led her out of the room. It was the first time in weeks that she had left the harem except to eat, and she didn't know whether or not she should be greatful that she could see more of the amazing technology, or fearful of what Goku wanted with her. She feared...

He lead her along behind him with his right hand on her left wrist. Anytime she slowed a bit, he would pull her arm, jarring her into a jog. They passed countless doors down a seemingly endless halway of drab off-white. The omnipresent light was diffused throughout the hallway leaving almost no shadows behind them. She thought of Earth, and her times with Yamucha. She wished she had spent more time with him and less time arguing. Goku lead her through endless passage ways, turning down so many corridors that she soon became lost.

Goku stopped abruptly and pushed a button on the door that looked to be the Saiyajingo symbol for "Open". The door slid smoothly open and he tugged her along inside. The inside of the room was much larger than the harem and the walls tinted a bit blue. The lights inside were brighter than those in the halls, but not so bright as to be uncomfortable. Goku spun her around to face him and threw her backwards onto the bed. He immediately sprang on top of her and started licking her face.

Buruma cringed and scooted backwards on the cot.

"Goku, stop it... you aren't even doing it right!"

"My name is Kakarotto... who the hell is this Goku and what the hell am I supposed to do?"

"Umm... you're Goku, from Earth! You might be weird, but you aren't an alien. You're an Earthling!"

"Don't you ever call me an Earthling again! I am a Saiyajin, not a weak pathetic Chikyuujin!"



Buruma took a settling breath and looked at Goku's scowling face.

"You really believe that you're this 'Kakarotto' don't you?"

"I am this 'Kakarotto'! That is my name, and if you call me Goku again, I will kill you. There are others in the harem."

"Fine... Go- Kakarotto..."

He scowled at her.

"Do you really want to do this?" Buruma asked. He nodded. "And there is no way I can escape?" He shook his head. Buruma let out a heartfelt sigh. I guess it could be worse...

"Fine then, let me show you how to do it correctly." I might as well enjoy it...

Kakarotto lay there, sweat covering most of his body, Buruma next to him. It had been unbelievable. The passion he felt was dizzying. His body had totally taked control in its lust. It had been rapture. But after the fact had left him feeling drained and tired. He had done much more strenuous workouts that hadn't even caused him to breath heavily. This woman had shown him the most wonderous of pleasures. The oddest part was that he didn't even want it again. It had been the most amazing experience, and yet he felt no more lust. This fact puzzled him. Why, if it was that great, did he not still hunger for it, as he did after a fight? His bloodlust was hardly sated after a fight, but his sensual desires had been cut off at the last climactic moment.

He closed his eyes and slept.

Shikerou thrust his left arm forward, punching at an invisible foe. Two steps forward, and a right-handed uppercut. Spin. Kick. Punch. Duck. Block. Duck. Punch. Kick.

Shikerou walked through every single kata he knew. He was on the Seichini kata for the forth time. His muscles ached, sweat beaded on his face and dripped from his hair. The gravity was still at 5G for wakusei Bejita. He had been training for two straight hours and it was beginning to drain him. He decided that he'd stay for another half an hour and then return to the rejuve tanks.

He stopped after his twentieth kata to take a short break. As he sat under the fifty times Earth gravity, he began to think about his life. He had had a pretty normal one up until that point. What the hell happened? One day, he was getting ready for the upcoming Tenkaichi Budoukai, and the next his entire town was wrecked and all his friends and family killed. Aliens ubducted him and he became a power-hungry warrior. A tear ran down his face.

He had noticed that his muscles had become considerably larger and his old clothes would definitely not fit him now. His chest had deepened and his arms had become much wider. He knew he had to weigh at least twenty pounds more now, in the short time away from Earth. He wondered just how different Earth looked now, and how different it would look once the Saiyajin Empire took over. He wondered just what they wanted with Earth and what their plans were. All he knew was to survive. That's all his life now was. Recently, though, he had been given more freedom to live. He obeyed his own training regiment, he ate and slept when he wanted to. Not that his training had slackened under this new freedom, on the contrary. He had made it more strict. He now trained for sometimes over six hours under thirty times gravity. Just today he had decided to up the gravity. At fifty times gravity, Shikerou could hardly stand. His fastest walk was a strained shuffle and normally he caught himself slouching or squatting. Whenever this happened, though, he scolded himself and straightened up. He wondered why he had not been assigned a training partner. Maybe once he was a soldier and no longer a captive, he would finally get a partner to spar. He couldn't wait for that day.

Shikerou idly scratched his arm and then reached up and brushed away the wet path of the single tear. He ran his fingers through his short, wet, blonde hair and stood up slowly. Step forward. Punch. Turn. Punch. Duck...

Chapter 7