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Chikyuujin Chronicles

Chapter 7: Shikerou's final test. Kakarotto has a son!?

It had been just over a single month since Shikerou had last fought, and his training since then was maddening. Up every morning at what he believed to be six o’clock, he rushed to eat his morning gruel. After giving himself a few moments to digest, he sped off down the long, off-white hallways. Upon reaching his designated training area, he entered the room, and that was the last anyone would see of him for at least six hours, until the next meal that is. Ever since he obtained power, real power, he could only hunger for more. Unlike his fellow captives, Shikerou was no longer angry about what the Saiyajin had done to his home world, to Chikyuu. He didn’t look at his detainment as captivity, but as a new life. Instead of seeking revenge for his people, he only sought to get stronger, to show his captors he was worth more than future fuel for the ship. It was anyone’s guess how strong Shike was now, including Shike, and on this day he was to be tested.

As time went by, the captives sharing his room had slowly diminished. More often they would leave for a fight and not come back. It was these times that Shikerou thought he felt the ship lurch forward a bit, gaining speed. He knew it was only his imagination... how would one captive cause the ship to accelerate? It wouldn't... but the thought unnerved Shike just the same. Shikerou was the last one left. He silently commended himself for not becoming friends with the others... remorse was a waste of time... time better spent training.

Shikerou sat quietly in his bed, deep in meditation. He cleared all his thoughts, as was customary before he fought, and focused his energy inward, the technique that his sensei taught him.

Shikerou purged each doubtful thought that came to his mind, and focused on what he wanted, first to survive, second to become stronger. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud hiss as his door slid open.

“Get up Chikyuujin."

Shikerou glanced up to a see a familiar face, it was the first Saiyajin he had met, the one who had "cleansed" Chikyuusei. Shikerou chuckled to himself at the ironic twist that he would be escorted to a fight by this Saiyajin in particular, but the thought was a short, and rather pointless one. Shike cooperated and stood.

"So, how do you feel?" Kakarotto asked.

"Pretty good..." Shike responded.

"Good then follow me."

Shikerou followed the Saiyajin out of the room.

Bejita sat high on his throne in the arena, awaiting the battle for that day. The first warrior entered. He was a massive figure, Bejita wasted no time in activating his scouter. The small device beeped several times before giving a readout on it’s green glossy lense.

"Hmmm, he should be a suitable match for our Chikyuujin."

The bald hulking Saiyajin took a step forward, placed his hand over his chest and bowed his head.

"If the Chikyuujin survives, have the scientists examine the Chikyuujin..."

A smaller Saiyajin stood up, which caught Bejita’s eye.

"My Lord, can we trust the Chikyuujin? We all saw how those other two acted."

Bejita glared at the warrior and swung his cape back, pointing his finger.

"You doubt my ways?"

"No, I didn’t mean, No!"

Bejita smirked, and a moment later a charred husk of a Saiyajin met the floor.

"No one doubts Bejita."

A loud beep sounded meaning the second warrior was at the doors, Bejita reassumed his more relaxed position on his thone, and clicked on his scouter.

"Let me see….7000, that has to be Kakarotto, he was the escort, and *beep* 2100. Hmph! Strong for a Chikyuujin, but far less than I had hoped for. I fear he will not survive today’s encounter, his opponent is 3200 in power."

The steel doors slid open to reveal the familiar arena, which was showing it’s battle scars indeed, some of which Shike himself had caused. He glanced toward the far end of the arena to get a peak at his opponent, he got more. What he saw was not a man, and not a beast, but a mix of the two. A seven foot tall humanoid with leopard-skin from his lower neck, all over his chest, down to his tail. His face however was not covered, this did him no favors. The warrior’s face was very chiseled and angular, his red eyes slanted inward, and his sinister grin complimented them. His long black hair was bound and thrown over his left shoulder. He stood tall and proud, Shike walked in slowly, taking in all that he could perceive for his upcoming battle.

"This should be fun." Grunted Shike.

The deep voice of a Saiyajin came onto the loud speaker, as it always did, and began an analysis of the two fighters.

"Shikerou, Chikyuujin, Level 3 Class Warrior, Power Level 2100, Final Fight."

"Final fight?" questioned Shike.
"Hikyuu, Bijakujin, Level 2 Class Warrior, Power Level 3200."

Shikerou listened, and observed the grin on Hikyuu’s face as the power ratings were read, Shikerou grinned right back at him. The giant took a step forward and clenched his fists.

"Prepare to die Chikyuujin."

"At your hands? I don’t think so baka!"

"SHI NE!" roared Hikyuu.

The giant lunged a Shikerou swinging his fists angrily, Shike ducked the first attack and deflected several other blows, Hikyuu leapt forward, Shike jumped up and came back down with kick to the base of Hikyuu’s skull. The giant fell to his knees and Shikerou twisted in midair and landed in his dojo’s sutansu.

"Is that the best you’ve got for me?"


Shikerou thrust forward his hand and fired a small ki blast, Hikyuu easily deflected it, but found Shike was no longer there.


Hikyuu turned just in time to connect with a blast to the side of his face, it sent him soaring towards the crowd, Shikerou used the zanzoken technique and appeared before Hikyuu connecting with a hard kick that sent him flying towards the ground.

"Kuso…I’m stronger than him, how can he be doing this?"

Hikyuu sprang up felt a tug to his left and swung around with his powerful fists, and connected, Shikerou’s head snapped backwards, Hikyuu grabbed onto Shike’s leg and threw him into the air, he quickly leapt up and delivered a powerful punch which sent Shike into the right wall of the arena, much to the delight of the Saiyajin spectators. Hikyuu sprinted to the wall to find no one there.

"Looking for me?"

Hikyuu swung around with his fist, Shikerou easily caught it.

"You were wondering how I am beating you? Observe."

Shikerou grinned, released Hikyuu’s hand and lowered his fists to his side, a deep rumble in his chest began to erupt. It started quietly and gradually got stronger…


Shikerou’s feet exploded with fiery green ki energy which soon enveloped his whole body, he clenched his fists and raised them to his sides his veins pulsing…


The whirling wind of energy whipped around Shikerou’s body, the floor beneath him sunk into a large crater, pieces of it flew upwards toward the ceiling. Shike’s golden hair was whipped upward as the ki energy around him grew greater, it was now shining a vibrant and furious green…


Shikerou let out a final shriek as a blast of energy erupted, and clouded the view of Shike’s body. Hikyuu lowered his singed arms, his mouth agape, his eyes wide open, and he stared before him as Shikerou hovered a foot from the bottom of the crater, his green aura wavering around him, a look of death in his eyes, an amused smirk on his lips. His arms were tightly drawn into his sides, stressing each vein, and each curvature of his muscles. Shike’s burning ki burnt off a small line of blood coming from his lip. The stunned arena of Saiyajin looked at the crater in the floor, and at the warrior enveloped in green. Scouter’s were going crazy, especially Bejita’s.


The voice repeated it again over the speakers.

"Shikerou, Chikyuujin, Power Rating of 6000."

"This can’t be, a Chikyuujin aren't this powerful!"

Bejita slammed his hands down on his throne, shattering it in the process.

"If he can become this strong, then I can become one hundred times stronger!"

Bejita left for his throne room, not even watching the fight.

"No... you can't be this powerful... it's impossible!"

The once fearsome giant was almost in tears…

"Please don’t kill me!"

"Kill you? I thought you were going to kill me?" Shikerou's smirk widened into a grin.

"I take it back! I swear!"

"So I should let you live and what? Let these Saiyajin feed me to the ship as fuel? I don’t think so. I hope you enjoy your trip to the furnace."

Shikerou leapt from his crater followed by a stream of green ki, throwing punches that even the best of warriors could not have stopped, each connected battering Hikyuu into a bloody mess. A Bright red blood poured from Hikyuu’s mouth as he slumped over Shike’s shoulder, the liquid was quickly evaporated by Shikerou’s ki. The attack was unrelenting, Shikerou refused to stop driving his fists into the stomach and ribs. Every bone in Hikyuu’s body was bruised or broken, he couldn’t move. Shike kicked him full force into the air and followed him on his journey upward. The mangled body of Hikyuu floated for a second, until it reached the waiting Shikerou. With a quick arm movement Shikerou drove his elbow into the base of Hikyuu’s neck, which let out a loud crack. The lifeless corpse of Hikyuu feel to the ground, his eyes glazed over. Shikerou landed next to him…

"Still breathing I see…"

The Saiyajin voice once again made itself known.

"Shikerou, Class 1 Warrior, Winner."

Shikerou looked around at the crowd of roaring Saiyajin, he knew they wanted more, and he would give them more. He glanced down at his fallen foe, and sighed…

"They might get mad about this, you would have made excellent fuel, oh well."

Shikeroun gently let his hand roll forward as he extended his palm. His hand began to glow brighter than the rest of his body, and a bright flash erupted from it, which engulfed all of Hikyuu, a few seconds later, dust was all that remained. The Saiyajin were in an uproar, Shikerou loved every moment of it, the excitement of being the star, the great triumph as he made the kill, he wanted more, he needed more, and he would get more…

"Bejita! Bejita-sama!"

The young Saiyajin ran down the off-white hallway in an attempt to catch the Prince of the Saiyajin. Being that Bejita’s strength was more than ten times the boy’s, he was having a rough time catching up…

"Bejita! I have reports!"

The Saiyajin Prince Bejita abruptly turned allowing the boy a chance to catch up.

"Nani? Reports? On what?"

"One of the concubines has been impregnated, your majesty."

"Which one?"

"The Chikyuujin, sire."

"Shimatta! What is it with these Chikyuujin, there’s only two of them left and they are still a pain in my ass! Well obviously it will be a Saiyajin hybrid, have that concubine placed in an isolated chamber and observed until she gives birth. Your other news would be?"

"My King, we got a final power reading on the Chikyuujin Shikerou, 6290 was his limit."

"Incredible... this Chikyuujin must have a lot of potential. I'll have to make sure he remains controllable."

"Pardon my interruption, but that is not all, Bardock has been reporting the progress of his son Kakarotto, who was also found on Chikyuu."

"Go on."

"Kakarotto, who is ranked as a low level soldier has a fighting power over 8000."

"NANI?!? That can’t be, he was barely over 400 when we took him on this ship! That wasn't more than two months ago!"

"I have no explanation my lord, only information."

"Well there must be something about Chikyuusei that our scouting reports failed to see. I have a message for you to deliver. I want to meet the Chikyuujin, so arrange an audience."

Kakarotto leaned smugly against a wall out in the hallway. He had heard the power levels at the start of the fight, and did not expect to see Shikerou again. The steel door hissed open... Shikerou stepped out, not a scratch on him.


"What’s wrong? Thought I was going to lose?."

"But, how?"

"Why don’t you flip on that beeper thing over your ear and check out why I won."

Kakarotto grasped his scouter and pressed the button. The scanning arrows moved up and down Shike’s body then returned a number.

"My scouter must be broken, it’s reading upwards of 6000 in power."

"Only 6000?" grinned Shikerou.

"Baka, my power is over 8000, there’s no way a weak Chikyuujin like you could even be close to my strength."

"Think what you will."

Shikerou walked past Kakarotto with a smug look on his face, Kakarotto sneered right back at him.

"6000? On a Chikyuujin, not possible..."

Kakarotto glanced into the arena and saw a small alien scooping a pile of dust into a pan.

"He couldn’t have really been... could he?"

Bejita entered one of his many throne rooms, closely followed by his Elite Guard, four the of the strongest Elite Saiyajin on the ship. He swung around his cape and sat down on his throne.

"Hmm... these two new soldiers from Chikyuusei seem to be getting very powerful very quickly. I think I'll test their loyalty to me and each other... Barusei should do it."

"Bardock is a loyal soldier Bejita-sama, I’m sure Kakarotto will be the same."

"And I’m sure his son will be loyal as well." Said Nappa.

"His son?" exclaimed Bejita.

"Yes, the pregnant Chikyuujin was tested before we found her pregnancy, and traces of Kakarotto’s being was found inside of her, his were the only found, so it’s safe to assume it’s his son."

"This day just keeps on getting more and more interesting, is that Chikyuujin here yet? Get Kakarotto in here too! He should be wearing a scouter, so send a message out."

Shike stepped through a door which he had never seen, it glittered golden, and had a distinct symbol on it, the symbol all the Saiyajin wore on their armor. His Saiyajin escort looked rather nervous as they approached, Shike didn’t care too much, he was more interested in what was waiting for him. Shike stood patiently until the door hissed open. Upon entering he was greeted by four massive Saiyajin, all whom he could sense had high fighting levels. The room was lit by the same lighting as the rest of the ship, however, this was the only room that had windows, that Shikerou had seen. Shike found himself looking out into the deep recesses of space... and suddenly a large blue star caught his attention. No... it wasn't a star... it shimmered. It must have been a planet...

A golden throne sat in reverse to Shike’s view, a white glove dangling over the hand rest, and that symbol was on it’s back. As the figure in the chair moved, all five Saiyajin kneeled and lowered their heads, their right hands over their chest. Shike saw the familiar hair, and the cocky grin, he was in Bejita’s throne room.

Kuso, what the hell did I do now? I know I’m strong but I can feel his ki, unbelievable... What could he possibly want?"

A hulking bald Saiyajin raised his head and glanced at the standing Shikerou…

"Chikyuujin dog, bow to your king!"

The large Saiyajin reached for Shike’s hand, only to find his palm outstretched, facing outwards and glowing a soft green, about two inches from his face.


Bejita’s powerful voice came from his throne. Shike lowered his hand and assumed a kneeling position, placing his right hand over the emblem of Earth.

"You Chikyuujin, have surprised me. I wouldn’t have thought someone as weak as you would have made it this far, and become an actual soldier, but since you have, I’ve got some work for you."

"Work?" questioned Shikerou.

"Hold on for a moment, your ‘partner’ will be here any minute, and then I shall tell you both your job."

Shikerou stared at the floor...partner?

Kakarotto sped down the long off-white hallways, why had he been summoned to Bejita’s throne room? There was of course only one way to find out. As he approached the golden door he slowed his pace so as to seem more relaxed before Bejita. Nerves made him look weak, and weakness is not a trait of the Saiyajin. The door slid open before Kakarotto to reveal four kneeling Saiyajin, and one blonde-haired warrior...

The door slid open, Shikerou knew someone was coming, someone strong, he had felt the energy moving toward him, he grinned, it was a familiar ki...

"Excellent... it? Here is your new partner."

The look on Kakarotto’s face was one of disbelief...

"Bejita-sama! Partner in what?" questioned Kakarotto.

"Listen Kakarotto, we are in the business of planets, this you know, and since you are a low level soldier you probably don’t understand the importance of our selling these planets. Each planet we sell not only brings us great wealth, but provides us more territory. With each planet comes a race, and with each race comes one or more planets which we will be in control of. Your partner, this Chikyuujin, will assist you in the destruction of a planet's people, they are somewhat strong, about as strong as you were on Chikyuu is their average level, some of their warriors have levels of almost 2000 in power according to our scans."

"But Bejita-sama, I’ve hardly had any time to train to become strong enough to take a planet!"

"Don’t be so stupid Kakarotto, it’s unsightly, especially for a family like yours, considering yours and your fathers level, you two have the potential to be some of my strongest low class soldiers. You were sent to purge Chikyuu when you were a mere infant... Besides, you’re not going on your own, you shall have this Chikyuujin."

"Yes that’s right, Kaka... Kaka...whatever the hell your name is, you have me," said Shikerou.

Kakarotto sneered at Shike, Shike merely grinned back.

"Chikyuujin are as loyal as rats! What if he turns on us and assists these people?"

"Kakarotto, are you afraid of a Chikyuujin?"

This hit a nerve, Kakarotto clenched his fist, Shike could even feel the atmosphere, Bejita’s cocky tone and questions were getting to that other guy as well...

"No! I shall crush this planet, with or without that Chikyuujin, and I will do it in honor of your name!"

Kakarotto bowed low, "Thank you, Bejita-sama, may your reign be eternal. With that, he stood and abruptly turned, the golden door slid open, and Shikerou followed suit and stood to leave behind Kakarotto.

"Oh, and by the way Kakarotto, if you do finish early, direct yours and the Chikyuujin’s pods towards, Chikyuusei. I want you to search out and find any and all technology you can. Oh yes, Shikerou... an Elite is waiting outside the door to take you to be examined."

Examined? What the hell for?

That took Shike off guard... but what Bejita said next totally confused him... almost as much as it did Kakarotto:

"Your son should be waiting for you as well Kakarotto."

Kakarotto stopped dead in his tracks, and turned towards Bejita, staring over Shikerou.

"My... son?"

The shimmering gold door slid shut, leaving Kakarotto alone with his thoughts.

Chapter 8