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Chikyuujin Chronicles

Chapter 8: Shikerou and Kakarotto team up. Look out, Barusei!

Shikerou had been called down to speak with Bejita once more before he left for Barusei. He knelt before the Prince as he had a few times in the past, admiring the fine stitching in the rug beneath him.

"Shikerou. I want you and Kakarotto to void life on Barusei, but take one or two fighters captive to be added to the Neo Saiyajin Empire. We still have a puny army compared with my father and Lord Kold.

"Hai, Lord Bejita-sama. It will be done." Shikerou replied.

"Good, then. Once you have captured them, contact the elites who will be piloting a small ship to pick them up. They already have a few dozen others on board. Make sure the soldiers are worth my while, or you will regret it."

"Yes sir, Bejita-sama, your will be done."

"I have told Kakarotto the same, so there should be no mix ups. You are dismissed."

"Thank you, Bejita-sama, may your reign be eternal." Shikerou said as he stood and placed his fist over the emblem of Chikyuusei on his armor. He bowed once more and quickly exited the room, anxious to be away from Bejita's scowl and awesome power.

Kakarotto looked with disdain at his new "partner". He couldn't believe he was sent on a mission to destroy a planet with a... Chikyuujin. Beyond that, however, the thought of him having a son overrode all other thoughts. He couldn't believe that he had created a life, a Saiyajin warrior. He was proud of himself.

Shikerou, the ugly Chikyuujin, sat across from him, waiting, like himself, for the space pods to be made ready. Kakarotto's blood ran hot at the prospect of more fighting, more killing. He had trained vigorously in the mere days before he would be sent off to Wakusei Baru to void the life on their planet. Of course, the Barujin were a technologically advanced race, and would have a multitude of useful items, but Kakarotto's and Shikerou's jobs were to kill the people, and leave the technology to the scientists to take care of.

Kakarotto took off his scouter and aimed it at himself. He pressed the single button and after it made a long beep and several short beeps of higher pitch, he put it back on. The scouter read 8,422. Not bad, considering he wasn't at full fighting strength. He then read Shikerou's power.

"You know, I would have scanned you if you had just asked. You look like a moron doing it yourself..." Shikerou said, with a wise-ass smirk.

Kakarotto scoffed and read the power displayed on his scouter... and gasped. It read 7,200.

"How the hell do you do it?"

"Do what?" Shikerou asked, sincerely baffled by the Saiyajin's sudden outburst.

"Your power level has risen by over 900... what the hell makes your power increase so damned fast?"

"I don't know... the scientists said something about a strange chemical in my body that helps during fights. I think they may have been talking about adrenaline. Apparently no other race has it but Chikyuujin."

As Kakarotto scowled at him, Shikerou leaned his head back against the off-white wall, shutting his eyes against the impossibly omnipresent light, and meditated. He breathed all of the outside world's problems from his thoughts, and focused on nothing. He reached into the dark depths of his conscious mind. Further, through his unconscious, and beyond, diving through the black void between thoughts. He reached further and further until he finally saw the light of his ki, deep in the recesses of his soul. He welcomed the warm presence, the only thing he could count on to be there, like a best friend, there to comfort and reassure. He wound his ki into patterns in his soul, testing the boundaries of his power. This was how he created new techniques, through this self-evaluation, this testing. He went through innumerable situations and possibilities of fights. During fights, these ingrained, sub-subconscious routines played in his mind, moving his body with almost subliminal commands. During fights, his arms and legs moved almost of their own accord, with him as but a spectator, watching from a distance. He had learned to do this since his third fight in the Tournament.

He had also taught himself how to more effectively predict his enemy's moves, by watching him not through his eyes, but from this third person perspective. Also, he had discovered that the enemy unknowingly imprinted the moves he was about to make into his ki. This, Shikerou had discovered quite by accident. While he had been fighting his second opponent, he had reached out with his ki and felt for a shield, and in doing so, had pressed his own ki into his enemy's, making a backward imprint of his foe's thoughts. He then knew every single thought that came to his enemy's mind. All of this took a mere fraction of a second and Shikerou knew his enemy's attacks before even the enemy knew.

Shikerou opened his eyes after what seemed a few moments, but he knew to be at least half an hour. Kakarotto sat across from him, still scowling. Shikerou laughed at the humor of this Saiyajin scowling for thirty minutes straight. Bakame...

It was just then that Shikerou realized what a great impact the Saiyajin were beginning to have on him. He was beginning to speak the same odd words as the Saiyajin. "Bakame," Shikerou had learned, meant "fool". He had also learned the numbers, so he could read the scouter he now wore. I hadn't taken him very long, he only had to learn ten numbers. He figured them out by listening to scouter readings and then scanning the same person, to see what figures were what. Oddly enough, all races in the universe spoke mostly English... go figure.

The scouter itself was an odd device. The glass window he looked through was green, and the numbers that showed up were lighter green. It reminded him of an alarm clock, as the symbols seemed to float inside the glass. The single button on the side was all that was needed to operate the device. If the scouter was off, the button would turn it on, once it was on, the scouter would automatically scan whoever was in front of him. He couldn't understand how this amazing tool would read a person's power. All he could think of was that it 'felt' the ki of the person and gave it a numerical value. Another thing Shikerou wondered was if the scouter reading had units, or if it was just called their "power level" or "battle power". He guessed that you just couldn't say someone was "8,000 power levels strong". It all made very little sense to him.

Shike was brought out of his musings by a short purple scientist in a white lab coat that had entered the room.

The alien checked the clipboard he was holding.

"Shikerou and Kakarotto? Come with me."

Shike stood and followed the alien from the room, but as he was walking through the door, Kakarotto pushed him back a step with his left arm.

"Don't dare walk out of this room in front of me. I'll kill you faster than you can blink."

Shikerou did indeed blink in surprise at this and stood aside as Kakarotto brushed past. He wasn't exactly afraid of him, and he didn't know if he was powerful enough to beat him this time, but he wasn't about to find out. Kakarotto did beat his ass to a bloody pulp last time.

Well... I was injured at the time...

Shikerou silently rebuked himself for the thought. Kakarotto was his ally, if not his friend, and they were partners in this. Intergalactic Spaceship fuel didn't sound like a very appealing job.

As they crossed the threshold from the cramped waiting room, Shikerou looked around in awe. The huge room was filled with space pods and ships of all sizes and shapes. Space mechanics of every stripe lay under different shuttles with odd looking tools, some with lasers.

They followed their guide along through another door to a long room lined with hatches to either side. Shikerou looked through some of the doors, noticing that many were empty, but a few had relatively small, round, pods with large doors on the front and big blue round windows in the off-white door.

The scientist stopped in front of one such hatch, with another directly next to it. Both had pods. He quickly pressed a button on the small panels next to each round hatch and they hissed and swung upwards. The scientist opened each pod and ran the two through the explanation of how to operate the crafts. Then, he stood aside and told them to climb in. As Shike situated himself in the small pod, and the door swung shut, he looked about at the inside of the tiny ship. The seat was off-white, like everything else on this God-forsaken ship, and there was a panel to either side in front of him. The seat felt almost like leather, only a bit stiffer, like pleather or vinyl. A breathing apparatus, like the ones used in the rejuve tanks hung above him. The alien had said to don that, once he was in space, as it was used for longer trips that took between a few months to a few years. The pilot would attach it to his face and breathe an oxygen, nitrogen mix that also contained a form of formaldehyde that kept the body from aging. The body would drift into an almost death-like sleep that was very remarkable. When the pilot reached his destination, the air would change to a different chemical Shikerou hadn't caught the name of, that would start the body processes once again and wake him.

Suddenly, a low hum began and grew in pitch and intensity. The pod spun around half way, so that Shikerou was facing away from the room. Once the noise became seemingly too much to bare, the pod shot forward at impossible speeds, pressing Shikerou into the seat. From his point of view, the tunnel that the pod was being shot from seemed to fly by at hundreds of miles per hour. The next thing Shikerou knew, he was clear of the ship and in deep space. To his right he could see Kakarotto's pod, a bright white, ki-like aura surrounding it.

"Holy shit..."

"Shut the hell up, Chikyuujin. I don't want to hear your voice until we reach Barusei. Put on your mask..."

Shikerou looked around, thoroughly confused by Kakarotto's voice. He then remembered the two-way radio that the alien had told him about. He decided to prepare for the incredible amount of fighting he would soon be doing by meditating. Only three months and he will officially be a warrior in the Neo Saiyajin Empire. He reached up and donned the breathing device and sleep slowly took him.

Bejita Ou's shimmering white palace was in an uproar, not only had the Prince run off, but now he was claiming his own Empire and invading the edges of his father's. At first this had not bothered Bejita Ou, but lately he wasn't so sure that his son was as harmless as he had first thought. Bejita Ou's powerlevel was much greater than his son's. Last he had seen him, Bejita's power didn't top 18,000. Bejita Ou's was over 100,000, so he had gotten a bit too comfortable. He decided he should keep a closer eye on his son.

"So you say two pods have left Bejitaís ship? Saiyajin returning to me perhaps?" asked King Bejita.

"No Bejita-sama, only one pod contains a Saiyajin, according to our bio scans the other pod contains a Chikyuujin."

"Nanda? Chikyuujin?" King Bejita asked, incredulously.

"Hai, unfortunately we could not get any power levels from our informants on Bejitaís ship, they did however tell me that the pods are headed for Barusei."

"Barusei? Bakana! I canít believe my son is so stupid... Every team Iíve sent to Barusei has been annihilated because of those damn Torajin, every single Elite team was wiped out, what is he thinking? Heís only sending two pods? Five Saiyajin Elite should have been able to crush that planet, and they couldnít, how are two warriors from a rag-tag army supposed to do the job?"

"We can have ships out there to intercept the pods in two months..."
BR> "That wonít be necessary, my fool of a son will lose his two soldiers soon enough without our intervention."

"Your son is not so stupid, my lord."

Bejita scowled and raised his finger which began to glow with blue Ki Energy.

"Well my lord, notice how our scans indicate no Torajin anywhere near Barusei, they are all currently on Torasei, discussing treaties with Furiza to gain protection from King Cold and Koola." the aide quickly explained.

"Really? Well then, this should be very entertaining."

A blue beam of light pierced the Saiyajin warriors armor, his chest, and the wall behind him.

"You question your Lord, you die."
The rest of Bejitaís aides sheepishly backed out of the room, each bowing low to their master as they exited.

"I hate leaving the Barujin so defenseless..." remarked Keikan in his baratone voice.
Keikan was the proud leader of the Torajin. To describe his figure as fearsome was a gross understatement. His face was that of a tiger, regal and proud. Orange fur covered his feline-esque body from head to foot, with black stripes breaking through every few inches. His muscular body stood over 7 feet tall. His biceps were as thick as Furiza's waist, and despite his immense physical advantage on the short Emporer, Furiza's power was hundereds of times greater than his. Keikan wore nothing but black pants and a standard armor chestplate. He and several of his advisors sat at a large table, at the other end, Furiza and Zarbon sat, patiently waiting for Keikanís decision on the contract. His advisors were almost the same size as him, one sporting a white background behind his proud black stripes.

"So Furiza-sama, this treaty will have my people under your control for ten years, in exchange for your protection from your fatherís, and brotherís forces."

"Yes, and-"

"Furiza-sama! Furiza-sama!"

A low-class soldier ran into the room, stopping, breathless, in front of Furiza, stooped into a low bow.

"Furiza-sama, two pods left Bejitaís ship a few hours ago, we tracked their trajectory, the destination is Barusei." the soldier said between gasping breaths, as he looked tenatively up at Furiza.

"Nani? Barusei?" asked Furiza.

"Hai! They should reach it rather soon."

Keikan stood up from his chair and clenched his fists, the fur on his arms stood on end.

"Kuso! My forces will never make it from here to Barusei in time! Our treaty with their people will be broken! Shimatta!"

Furiza stopped Keikan before he could leave the room.

"What about the treaty?"

"Consider it a done deal Furiza."

Keikan stormed out of the room and gave a command to ready all soldiers to head for Barusei, the trip was a long one, but maybe they could save a few lives.

The Saiyajin transport pods hurtled through space at an incredible rate. It had been 3 months since Shikerou and Kakarotto had departed from Bejitaís ship, and today was the day when they would reach their destination, Barusei. From the ship, the planet had only appeared as a tiny dot, a spec in the infinite darkness of space, but now, it was a large, green orb, taking up most of the view from the window of his pod. Shikerou had been dreaming the entire trip in his suspended animation. This was his chance, his chance to show his loyalty, his true power, and his amazing fighting skill. These planet attacks were kill or be killed, and with his only ally being one Saiyajjin, he had to be ready in order to survive.

Kakarotto felt nothing but unparalleled joy at finally fighting again. He had heard rumors on the ship about King Bejitaís soldiers disappearing on this planet without a trace, but he wasnít worried, none of those sent had the kind of power he possessed. Despite his bloodlust, Kakarotto wanted to get back to Wakusei Chikyuu, and to see his son. He wanted to know what kind of potential his boy would have, he hoped for a fighting power of at least 10, Bejita himself was born with a power of 10. Both warriors had a fight in front them, and each knew they would need to be focused, and that need grew even more as the small planet rapidly approached...

With a sudden jolt, Shikerou's pod ground to a stop on the surface of Barusei. He opened the hatch and stepped slowly out, amazed that his muscles weren't cramped after over three months of non-use.

The dust settled in the massive crater, the two pods sitting near to each other, each covered in green dust, dirt kicked up into the wind around them. Shikerou's hair whipped around his face as he floated upward to survey the landscape.

In all directions, a vast plain surrounded them. The dirt was an odd greenish color, with small blue plants growing. Oddly enough, the plants moved, not with the wind, but more purposefully. Shikerou watched as one such plant snatched a small rodent and dragged its prey to its opened maw, filled with what looked like digestive juices. A steady wind blew across the land, kicking the green dirt into eddies around the plants and the newly formed craters.

"Kuso," remarked Kakarotto as he flew up beside Shike.

"Nanda?" replied Shike.

"I was hoping weíd hit a more populated area... I can't wait to spill some blood."

Shikerou turned on his scouter and his face twisted into a puzzled frown.

"Hey, Kakaploko..."

"Kakarotto... bakame..."

"Umm, I can't read the words on this scouter... I figured out the numbers, but I can't read a damn word on this thing..."

"Why the hell not?" Kakarotto asked, becoming agitated.

"Itís in Spanish..."

Kakarotto gave Shikerou a confused look. Suddenly, a beep cut off Kakarotto's scowl and the small glass panel on Shikerou's scouter lit up with several numbers...

"Iíve got a 500, a 320, a 600, and a 550 coming in fast..." Kakarotto reported.

"Ok, let's meet them head on then."

Kakarotto nodded and quickly enveloped himself in ki, Shike did the same and both warriors burst out of the craters, a trail of ki behind each of them.


The Saiyajin Prince thrusted his foot forward, back flipped into a twist and began a fighting sequence. Kick, punch, sweep, roll, kick, repeat. He performed this several times and rolled passed the gravity machine, it read 30G.

"Nappa, give me a power reading."


Nappa clicked the scouter over his ear and allowed it to scan Bejita."

"34,000 Bejita, incredible, your strength is unparalleled."

"Nani? Only 34,000, Iíve been training under this intense gravity for three months! How did Kakarotto and the Chikyuujin Shikerou obtain their power so quickly? Nonetheless, I know of the true power of us Saiyajin Nappa...

Bejita smirked at the comment.

"Nani? You mean Oozaru Bejita-sama?"

"No Nappa, I mean our true power, to grow stronger from every fight, ready my personal rejuvination chamber..."

"Why Bejita-sama? No one on this ship can hurt you, your power is unmatched, even your fatherís is only a narrow margin higher..."

"Just do it Nappa, then I want you to fire your most powerful blast at me..."

Nappa had a confused look on his face, Bejita merely grinned, Nappa held up his hand and charged a ball of ki energy. Ki eveloped him as he let out a yell:


"Do it Nappa..."

Nappa fired a large blast of Ki, it quickly pierced Bejitaís armor and shoulder sending him down to the ground... as he hit the ground, Nappa could almost see a smile on his face...

"Kuso, I put too much power into it, hold on Bejita-sama."

Nappa hurled Bejita over his shoulder and sped towards Bejitaís chambers, a trail of regal blood following him.

Duck, dodge, sweep, punch... Shikerouís attack was well calculated, his enemy fell to the ground lifeless as the last punch shattered his ribs, piercing his heart. Shike looked over to Kakarotto, who stood there with his arms crossed, watching Shikerou, with a scowl on his face. Around him lay three charred corpses...

"You plan on killing everyone hand to hand?"

Shikerou held his hand out to his left side and fired a rather weak blast into a small hut. Several piercing screams were heard, then silence. A bright flash and all that remained was rubble.


"Well then, shield yourself and observe the more Ďefficientí way..."

Kakarotto smirked, held up two of his fingers and shrieked...


Bright fiery ki exploded upwards, swirling around Kakarotto, blowing his clothes violently, his hair whipping in the wind, orange ki surrounding him. A sudden almost atomic explosion of ki shot outward in all directions from him, enveloping the city in a whirlwind of destructive life.

"Woah... show off."

"I think itís safe to say that this area is clear, I hope we have some more powerful people coming to fight soon, this is fun and all, but at this rate, we're going to have this planet finished in a few weeks..."

"And you wonder why I was taking my time with the first guy..." Shikerou muttered under his breath.

Kakarotto fixed him with a scowl.

"Quit talking to yourself and let's start killing, I'm having fun."

"Ladies first," Shikerou said with a mocking grin, holding out his arms as if to show Kakarotto the way forward.

"Very funny, asshole, now follow me."

Kakarotto shot into the sky and off in the direction of the closest power.

The fighting was ecstacy. The taste of blood in his mouth, his own and others', made him hot with anticipation. The pain didn't bother him, it only fed his need to kill. His Saiyajin blood flowed thick through his veins, calling him on to the dance with death.

He sidestepped a weak ki blast and shot forward, green dirt flying out from under his feet, mere inches from the ground. The Barujin were a race of blue humanoids, skilled in combat and relatively powerful compared with most Chikyuujin. Their race had encountered many others who would take their planet for their own or to sell, like the Saiyajin. Until they had allied with the Torajin, only their advanced weaponry and defenses kept their planet from being taken. The Barujin had signed a treaty with the Torajin, a very powerful race, to protect them in exchange for their wonderous technology and amazing medical advances which kept the oldest of them alive for over two hundred years.

Kakarotto slammed his fist into the gut of the waiting Barujin, ripping through skin, muscle and bone until finally it stuck through the alien, impaling him. Kakarotto threw his arms out to the sides, ignoring the skewered warrior on his arm and blasting two others into bloody heaps of gore. The first was still alive, clawing at his fresh wound, his ruby-red blood oozing out of his mouth and down his chin, dripping onto Kakarotto's armor.

He grunted as he whipped his arm to the side, planting a ki blast in his foe's torso. The Barujin was sent sailing off and exploded a few feet away.

He turned his head to the left as he felt an on coming enemy and brought his left hand around to smash his nose into his face. He quickly ducked and stepped backwards, under the Barujin's punch, and came up behind him, driving his knee into his back, severing his spinal cord. Before the Barujin could even hit the ground, another was upon Kakarotto, driving punches into his back. He hardly felt the roundhouse kick to the side of his head as he casually reached out and grabbed the man's head, incinerating it with a burst of energy.

Kakarotto looked up to see three more coming in head on. He quickly scanned all three... 1,500, 2,000 and 1,700. Realizing the threat these three, combined, would pose, he fired a ki blast at the outer two and prepared himself for a real fight.

Glancing quickly over at Shikerou, he noticed that he was currently busy with two of his own, and so would afford no help. Kakarotto would have to face these on his own... and with a grin on his face, at that.

The first ran at him, ki forming into a sphere in front of his outstretched hand. He let fly with it directly at Kakarotto's feet. The green dirt enveloped him in a shower of soot, effectively blocking his sight momentarily. Kakarotto felt his enemy zanzoken behind him and spun quickly, hammering his jaw with a roundhouse. As the Barujin spun toward the ground, the other two, who had recovered from the weak blasts, moved in from either side. Kakarotto ducked and dodged every attack, dropping to the ground in a crouch and sweep kicking the Barujin to his left, coming up, fist leading the way, to uppercut the one to his right. Seemingly effortlessly, he took a half a step to the left, catching the punch thrown by the first Barujin over his shoulder and launched him directly out in front of himself. The other two came at him once again, and Kakarotto had just enough time to turn away their futile attacks and knock them off their feet once more, just before sending a large ki blast ripping into his airborne foe.

Without hesitating, Kakarotto grabbed the Barujin to his right by the arm and spun violently around, whipping the warrior into his cohort. The two fell sprawling to the ground and, hand extended, Kakarotto burned the life out of them without so much as a thought.

The first Barujin heaved himself off of the ground, and after witnessing the demise of his allies, took to flight. Kakarotto's grin widened.

"Heh, I love when they run..."

He took off, catching the blue warrior by the leg and sending him, head first, toward the green planet. A fraction of a second after he hit, the Barujin no longer existed... along with a large area around him.

Shikerou casually stepped around the oncoming fist and brought his own straight forward, impacting with the Barujin's neck. He stumbled backward, grabbing his crushed esophagus with both hands, gasping futily.

As he felt another force, he mirrored their ki, knowing instantly what they planned on doing... when they themselves didn't. He paused before ducking a high kick, grabbing the leg, and whipping the Barujin into the air. Shikerou zanzokened in front of the Barujin, facing his oncoming foe. As the blue warrior suddenly zanzoken'd, Shikerou immediately whipped his hand back over his shoulder, knocking the Barujin into a spin toward the green wasteland below.

Shikerou merely smirked and sent an immensely powerful beam of ki burning through his enemy's torso.

As the smoking Barujin hit the ground, Shikerou turned toward an incredible force headed toward him. He checked over his left shoulder and Kakarotto was busy with three others. Shikerou reached up to his ear and pressed his scouter button, getting a ki level. It stopped on 6,500.

Immediately, Shike formed his body into his sutansu, his ki into his enemy's; reading his enemy's pre-thoughts. Shikerou's eyebrows dropped into a confused scowl. He couldn't read a damned thing through his ki. He had to sidestep a straight forward attack and the Barujin barely missed him to his left. He spun around as the Barujin skid to a halt, green dust swirling outward around him. Shikerou stood, hands at his sides in tight fists. He shot toward the Barujin, right hand swinging around toward his enemy's face. The blue warrior dissolved as he zanzoken'd backward about a foot. Shikerou continued the assault, alternating punches, making little headway. He stopped and lowered to the ground, leveling the blue skinned alien a fierce glare. The Barujin dropped to the ground several yards from Shike, and grinned over his bright white teeth.

"Oi, Chikyuujin... You want a piece of me? You make me sick."

"I'm not here to dance... bring. it. on."

Shikerou pulled his hands up, to cross his forearms in front of his chest, crouched slightly, toes pointing out. He threw his hands down to his sides, letting out a deep scream.


Suddenly green ki burst outward in a whirlwind, exploding around him in a powerful flame of life energy.


He shot straight up into the air, leaving the Barujin to catch up, high in the air. Once the blue alien caught Shikerou, they met in a flurry of kicks and punches. Shikerou landed a rather powerful blow to the face, sending the Barujin spinning in a barrelroll. He regained his composure a few yards away and wiped a streak of blood from his mouth.

"I'm Keku... you're about to die."

"Before I kill you, I want to know why I can't read your attacks."

"Ha! You still do that!?" the Barujin laughed, "Well you better learn to cloak your own quick, like everyone else that has been fighting more than a year."

"Thanks..." Shikerou smirked.

Suddenly the Barujin was spinning backwards, blood flowing from his nose. Shikerou took off after him, hitting him with attack after attack. The Barujin fell rapidly toward the ground, unconcious.

When he reached the ground, Shikerou dropped his hands to his thighs, palms facing outward toward his enemy, arms slightly bent and chest stuck defiantly out. He drew together his fingers and bent his elbows as he begun charging the energy. Slowly, a small white ball of ki appeared in each hand. He thrusted his arms forward toward the enemy, turning his right palm upward, left hovering above it, palm angled down and slightly toward the Barujin, fingers in claws. Shikerou smirked at his slowly recovering foe. As long as he held his fingers bent into claws, the rotating spheres remained at bay.


The moment the Barujin regained his feet, Shikerou snapped his fingers straight, the blast shooting away at high speeds, slamming directly into the Barujin.

The blue warrior was thrown backwards, off his feet, the blast exploding at his chest, knocking his head back over his shoulders as his slammed headlong into a large, dark green rock.

Shikerou casually strolled over and placed handcuffs on downed fighter, effectively holding his ki at bay as well and leaving him vulnerably weak.

Kakarotto dispatched what was his twentieth hand to hand victim and straightened to gather his barings. He saw Shikerou knock a high power out cold and handcuff him when he heard a very strange noise. A whirring he had just noticed but which had been slowly increasing in volume. He looked to the horizon and saw a green sandstorm with glints like light off of metal flecked through.

"Holy shit..."

Chapter 9