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Chikyuujin Chronicles

Chapter 9: The Barujin Secret Weapon! Look out Shikerou and Kakarotto!

The whirling dust cloud made it’s way closer and closer. Green specks littered the horizon as the ground itself seemed to almost come alive. Shiny surfaces much like that of metal could occasionally be seen through the massive cloud of dust. Shikerou wasted no time in flying towards Kakarotto and landing at his right side.

Kakarotto clicked the small button on the side of his scouter, it flashed twice then returned several lines.

Kakarotto's face twisted into a confused frown.

"Nanda?" Shikerou asked.

Without acknowledging his partner's question, Kakarotto pressed the button again. The response was the same.

"Damn, whatever it is, it doesn’t have a ki signature," Kakarotto remarked and clicked his scouter off.

"Well I guess these things won’t be of much use." Shikerou remarked, with a humorless smirk.

The deep black void of space enveloped the tiny white ships hurtling toward Barusei. Dark thoughts raced through Keikan’s mind as he and his fellow Torajin rushed to aid Barusei. He feared the worst, death and destruction were an understatement of what the Saiyajin had done to planets before Barusei, and he would not allow it.

The dust cloud settled, and before Shikerou and Kakarotto stood an army of thousands of robotic warriors. Each was scarcely three feet in stature, with a shine as bright as newly polished silver, each tinted the slightest bit blue. What heads they had were but small domes with a single lens acting as an eye, a laser affixed to each of their wrists.

"Jinzoningen desu ka!?"

"Friends of yours?"

"No, smart ass, they’re all robots! Damn these Barujin, and their damned technology..."

"So what? They’re stupid little robots... let's just blast them!"

Shikerou extended his palm open towards his foes, it began to glow with a soft green tint.

A small ki blast exploded from his hand and hurled toward one of the small robots. Moments before the blast reached the robot it was redirected into the ground sending green dust and bits of rock into the air.

"What the hell?"

"They must have some form of defensive shield against our ki energy attacks..." Kakarotto said, as he slowly took in the army of tiny robots.

Shikerou made his arms rigid and thrust them out in front of his chest. Sweat dripped slowly across his eyebrow as he struggled to control the massive amount of ki gathering in his palms. His bright golden hair whipped backwards from his forehead as a rush of wind and green dust blew past...

"Bakame! Don’t waste your power on that, we’ll have to do this without energy attacks and..."

Kakarotto’s words were cut short as a white beam of light pierced his shoulder armor, narrowly missing his undefended flesh.

He glanced down at the slight injury, "Shimatta, that burns..."

Shikerou dodged a second laser directed at him, and managed to catch a glimpse of a few hundred more headed in his direction. Without wasting a moment, Shikerou jumped up and flew over them. Kakarotto was having a difficult time dodging the blasts, he extended his left palm and gritted his teeth, his blue ki energy gathering around each finger tip....


Kakarotto let loose a furious blast, a solid beam of energy which absorbed all of the lasers and found it’s way to the ground, exploding into a mushroom cloud of dust. The huge crater Kakarotto’s energy had made grew even larger, and robots poured into it as the ground beneath them collapsed... Kakarotto smiled. That was near perfection... he thought

"Shikerou, follow my lead."

Kakarotto dove forward, Shikerou following in suit, dodging laser blasts left and right, a few chipping away at his armor. Kakarotto sped toward the ground as the outer robots continued firing lasers. Shikerou saw Kakarotto’s idea and likewise cut his flight lower, just above the ground. Shikerou watched as the lasers passed him from behind, only to cut into the robots waiting ahead of them. Hundreds of the tiny robots were damaged and spitting out sparks of energy. The lasers came in diminishing numbers, before stopping. Shike glanced over at Kakarotto, who grinned right back and shouted...


As they lifted higher into Barusei's atmosphere, Shikerou and Kakarotto each let loose a massive ki blast which filled the crater with light and explosions as all of the robots were absorbed into the combined waves of energy, their mechanical lives stripped from them instantly. The dust began to settle and Shikerou and Kakarotto hovered to the crater and floated together over a scorched landscape. Robotic parts littered the ground for miles in all directions. Both fighters were breathing heavily...

"So much for that problem," commented Shikerou as they landed once more.

A gust of wind blew by; nothing but it moved. The planet was dead, the robots were dead, and the mission was complete. Suddenly, a screw near Kakarotto’s foot began to rattle...


The bits of metal from the robots began to shake and move and slowly the field of parts came back together into a giant whirlwind of machinery. Shikerou and Kakarotto were trapped in the eye of this chaotic storm, struggling to escape it without wasting precious energy after their exhausting attack... Both fighters leapt into the sky, flying straight up and out of the cyclone of metallic parts. The pieces began clumping together as the funnel widened and dispersed. The deadly machines were reforming... Slowly, the small robots took on more humanoid shapes, and one by one they leaped out into column formation. This continued until the whirlwind was gone, and thousands of metal soldiers covered the landscape. Shikerou and Kakarotto could hardly believe the sight beneath them...

*beep *beep *beep

The thick green liquid drained from the Royal Rejuve Tank, a place Bejita had rarely seen in his entire life. Being of noble blood, it was the first time he had ever needed to use a Rejuve Tank, what an invigorating experience. Bejita savored the pain of every moment, every piece of skin that was healed back, every cell that made him stronger, everything that brought him closer to being greater than his father. He loved every second of it, the thrill of his life being it risk, the sheer boost in power from a Saiyajin coming near death, he must have more, more power, more strength.

"Bejita-sama? Bejita-sama?"

The door slid open to the all to familiar face of Bejita’s chief bodyguard, Nappa.


"Hai Bejita!"

"First I want some clothes, then a power reading if you would."

"Of course!"

Bejita could feel his increase in power, he couldn’t wait to test his new strength...

"My liege! King Bejita!"

The King of all Saiyajin, clad in his royal armor with his red cape entered the room, the rest of his subjects humbled by his awesome power.

"More news of my son?"

"Hai! Ouji Bejita has been in training for a few months now, his power has increased substantially."

"So how strong is he?"

"Our last report indicated his power was in the mid 30,000 range, powered up of course."

"Had he trained this much when he was in my control, he would have become such a great warrior. A real waste... it’s a shame what Furiza is going to do to him."

"Why not help him my lord?"

"He abandoned his people, the Saiyajin. In doing so he has abandoned his pride, and a Saiyajin with no pride isn't worth spit in my home."

"Should we keep you informed of any further news?"

"No, Keikan, the leader of the Torajin, signed a treaty with Furiza, my son has sealed his own fate in attacking friends of Furiza’s allies. Notify me only when he is dead."

"Hai... Bejita-sama..."


A downward swipe was all it took to slice the robot into two equal halves. A hand alone would have done little to destroy the jinzoningen, but when surrounded with ki, it was a deadly weapon. Kakarotto’s attacks were fast and furious, Shike could hardly believe his skill in dispatching these robots. Kakarotto was fighting at least twenty, maybe even thirty of them, how could he maintain that kind of effort and still be winning-

His thoughts were interrupted by a flying robot carcass.

"Whoa, watch where you throw those things."

Kakarotto sneered back at Shike...

"Learn to dodge!"

Shikerou smiled at the comment, grasped a robot by it’s head and whipped it towards Kakarotto, who merely side stepped it and allowed it to crash into several other robots...they exploded into tiny blue-tinted fragments...

"Nice try, kusotare!"

"Uh oh..."


Kakarotto turned to see a melted pile of metal, reforming into one... like bluish quick silver, they all liquified and found another two with which to fuse. Shike and Kakarotto now faced an army of hundreds, each five or six feet tall.

Kakarotto loved it, the thrill of the fight, the new enemies tactics, the destruction of his opponent. He loved every aspect of this fight. His movements were quick and deadly, a chop to the left, a kick to the right, a uppercut and a round house kick...four more destroyed robots. Bring on more enemies... was all he could think. His Saiyajin blood was running wild, he was born for this, he was born to fight, to kill. Each time he took a life was another step towards being a true Elite, a true warrior of the Saiyajin. As soon as he returned to Chikyuusei, he wanted to train, and train his son into a warrior even greater than he...back to his battle, Kakarotto couldn’t focus on such stupid things, as weak as these robots are, there were hundreds of them, they were still a threat...

"Damn they just keep on coming..."

Kakarotto glanced over at Shikerou who was fending off attackers left and right as well. He definitely handled himself well for a Chikyuujin, though he was weaker in comparison to the Saiyajin, he showed much potential...

This was a whole new extreme of excitement for Shikerou. It awakened a feeling in him he had never been allowed to experience, this new blood pumped through his veins. He never would have imagined that living with these Saiyajin would transform him into a fighting machine, something that would derive pleasure out of killing... He savored every moment of his battle on Barusei, never in his life had he been given the opportunity to try out his skills, always in tournaments, always in games, not real fighting. Now, right here, this was his chance to see if all he had done for so long in his life really mattered. All the fighting, all the training, did it pay off? He had to know. Shike plunged deeper into his thicket of enemies, destroying one, moving right on to the next. He was unstoppable, his attacks were quick, accurate, and deadly. His punchess and kicks rained down like a storm on his weary robotic foes. Each blow breaking metal, destroying the thing that the Barujin had prided themselves on. His speed was incredible, to the robots, he was a blur, to himself the robots were standing still, waiting for the instant in which they would be smashed into a memory. Shike himself did not know how his reactions had come so fast, but they had, he was too fast for the robots to even react, and he easily dispatched them each, one by one. As each robot hit the ground it combined with another, soon Shikerou found himself facing five large robots, each his own size...


His outstretched palm ignited with ki, the green flame blurring the features of his rock hard fists. The heat from his energy began to melt the robots exoskeleton. Shike could only smile as his released energy tore through his enemy, leaving a gaping hole where there were once wires and circuits.


A larger blast turned what was once three jinzoningen into scattered remnants. One robot remained before him, Shikerou wanted to have a little fun, so he assumed his sutansu...

"Bring it on!"

What the hell am I saying? thought Shike. It’s a damned robot, it's coming whether I want it to or not...

Shikerou’s waited a few moments, nothing happened... Suddenly, each little piece of the robots he destroyed became one with his opponent. Slowly each piece was absorbed and Shikerou grinned at the thought of this robot posing a threat... he clenched his teeth, dug his feet into the ground and began gathering energy for a ki attack. The robot took a single step forward then Shikerou mumbled something along the lines of "damn you’re slow" and unleashed the raging energy that was once dormant in his palms...

Shikerou’s face unexpectedly slammed into the ground with tremendous force. With each large attack and accompanying crator, Barusei was beginning to look like Wakusei Chikyuu’s moon...Shike rolled over to find his robot opponent hovering in the air just above him. He ignited himself with ki energy, consequently making the crater even bigger, and filling the sky with green dust.

Shikerou was met with a flurry of kicks and punches from the metal warrior, all easily deflected. He caught one punch and quickly kicked the arm below the shoulder socket, tearing it from the metallic torso. Sparks flew from the dismembered limb of the robot and floated down to Shike’s exposed skin. A smell of burning flesh invaded his nostrils. He savored the sensation and brought about his right heel which decapitated the robot. The machine’s body continued fighting, and surprisingly regenerated its head.

Shikerou charged a small ball of ki in his left hand, gritting his teeth. This battle had consumed a lot of energy from both fighters, exhaustion was beginning to set in, Shike was going to have to begin finishing these robots off for good. Shike leapt forward, meeting his robot opponent head on. A right chop cleanly sliced the robot’s new head off...


Shikerou brought down his fist, engulfed in ki, and drove it down through the robot's neck, allowing it to sink further into the body, melting vital parts along the way. For a few seconds nothing happened, He removed his hand from the now motionless robot. He smiled as he drifted slowly away. Suddenly, the jinzoningen bloated, screeching and groaning with pressure. A loud boom and a minor explosion later, the robot no longer moved, now only a lifeless husk of something that never really lived, it’s body melted from the inside out.

Shikerou continued to fight until he once again reached Kakarotto... who had destroyed all but three of his enemies.

Kakarotto grinned, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth as a robotic leg swung in from his right. He caught it with his forearm, and with a twist, snapped it off at the knee. He swung to his left and the severed leg connected with the head of another, the glass lens of its robotic eye exploding into a cloud of fine glass and sparks.

As he worked his way around, destroying one foe after another, he realized that they got steadily larger as he fought. Soon they were towering over him, and becoming much more difficult to destroy.

Now Kakarotto faced three robots, each doubling his height and then some. Shikerou joined him seemingly out of nowhere, and following him were half a dozen more of the same type.

Kakarotto let out a frustrated sigh. Fighting was fun when you were fighting strong enemies... not immortals.

Suddenly, Shikerou let out a startled gasp, as the numerous robots began forming into one. Kakarotto found himself looking up at a giant robot over ten stories high, with it's laser aimed directly at him. Without wasting a moment, he zanzoken'd to the side, missing the white-hot blast of plasma by mere inches. He dove into a full on attack, sweep kicking one leg, as Shikerou dodged its multiple laser attacks. The robot's leg was thrown backward, seemingly knocking it off balance. It merely put its foot back down. Hard. On Kakarotto.

Shikerou could barely dodge the lasers being fired at him. They were incredibly fast. He had just enough time to move to the side, sometimes being knicked by the impossibly hot beams of light. He saw Kakarotto kick out the robot's leg, and, had he a chance, he would have attacked when given that opportunity. The lasers kept him moving and he had no time to lose in dancing out of their way. Then, as if in slow motion, Shikerou watched as the robot brought its immense foot down onto Kakarotto, who was unable to move out of the way in time. He was clipped in the back as he tried to fly away and the foot came down on his lower back and legs, undoubtedly crushing them. Shikerou took the opening created by Kakarotto's distraction and dove for the robot's head, his ki igniting around him and thrusting him forward at incredible speed.

Rage. That is the last thing Shikerou knew before he met with the immense robotic head. Shikerou, without knowing why, was send into blinding fury. He felt nothing but unrivaled rage at this single act of violence toward Kakarotto. He felt his ki surge, his whole being scream to be unleashed. His whole self demanded vengence.

He put every last ounce of strength left into this attack, shooting forward at thousands of miles per hour, striking the robot in the eye with a fist, breaking through the glass and planting an unbelievable amount of ki in the mammoth jinzoningen. The ki raced down the inside of his foe and exploded with unmatched fury and power. Shikerou was sent spinning out of control for miles, seeing nothing. The last thing he was aware of was hitting the ground hard, and the world swirling into blackness.

Lemme know what you think so far!