Japanese Glossary

baka - stupid
bakame - fool, moron, idiot
bakana - impossible, "it can't be"
Chikyuu - Earth
Chikyuusei - Planet Earth
da - is
desu - is
ka - article denotes that the sentence is a question
kaasan - short for "okaasan"
kuso - crap, shit
kusotare - asshole
gi - karate suit
Nameksei - Planet Namek
nani - what
naze - why
ne - article Used in place of "ka" in a question; denotes that the speaker is looking for support eg. "This is ok, right?" as opposed to: "Is this ok?"
okaasan - mother
otousan - father
ou - king
ouji - prince
shimatta - damn it
shi ne - you die
shin - died
sutansu - fighting stance
tousan - Short for "otousan"
wakusei - planet

Name Suffixes
-chan - very friendly, loving
-jin - denotes a race of people
-kun - very friendly
-sama - very respectful, "lord"
-san - respectful, "Mr."
-sei - denotes a planet
-yama - denotes a mountain

** Chapter 4 note: '[Character] wa shin da' means '[Character] has died'.