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Damn That's FUNi!

Here is some damned FUNi multimedia either taken from the DBZ dub, remixed, or created by us.

File Name
File Size
kakarottotrue.wav Brolli never saw it coming! by: Sean 358 kb
freezacaress.wav This one was kinda floating around the net, it seems 'Frieza' likes to caress balls... 149 kb
gohveg.wav For this particular sound, I recorded Bejita and Gohan grunting or screaming at different times, threw them together, and... o_O 468 kb
kuririnshoe.wav This line was left how it was, in it's plain retarded form. This is easily one of the stupidest FUNimation quotes ever. 108 kb
picmotivational.wav Also, kept in FUNi-form, Piccolo decides that he's good enough, he's smart enough and dog gone it! People like him! 163 kb
picschool.wav Ack. This is my least favorite FUNimation line, ever! I guess the retards there thought Furiza was Piccolo's mother, or something o_O 63 kb
hatefunimation.gif A very funny animated banner sent in by Matt from Planet Saiya. Apparently even Trunks hates FUNimstion! (this banner is now illegal! Enjoy it until we get sued!) 23 kb
frieza01.wav "Do whatever turns you on Big Boy!" Furiza is a little more than just "special" by: Sean 301.5 kb
burter01.wav "Who? Ha! Where?" Baatah is kinda confused... where did that Goku get to anyways? by: Sean 55.7 kb
kingkai01.wav "Goku! You have to beat Friezsha! Ahh! *beep, beep*" Kaiousama is real worried! by: Sean 148 kb
krillin01.wav "We're just a bunch of wild and crazy space exploraz!" Kuririn is gettin' excited! by: Sean 52.3 kb
vegeta01.wav "I eat punks like you for my morning breakfast!" Apparently there are more than one breakfasts, so Bejita lets us know which he's talking about... by: Sean 54.4 kb
bulma.wav "Like, ah!" Buruma is like, totally pissed. by: like, Morgan 485.2 kb