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A Review and a Review of the Reviews of the Subbed DVDs

Everyone has always thought of FUNimation as a company that doesn't respect the true fans of Dragonball Z. It's been assumed that they don't really give a crap about the otaku -- They just keep making their god-awful dub and keep making their millions.

Enter the subbed DVD.

If you are a big fan of the Japanese version of Dragonball Z, you really have to appreciate this latest move by FUNi. Sure, there were a few quirks in the DVD, but you have to look at it this way: FUNimation could have just kept blowing off the otaku and making their dub. It really wouldn't matter if they hadn't made the subbed DVD, they would still be making more money than they could handle, because of the huge audience of the dub (shudder). Instead, they decided to work on a little project for us, the true fans of Dragonball Z.

Now, there were many complaints about the DVD. I'm sure you've already heard them, but here are the main ones again. There were no episode recaps or previews. The opening and ending themes (Chala Head Chala and Zenkai Power) were not subtitled. And lastly, the dub names were used instead of Japanese names. However, FUNimation has promised that they will try to listen to our feedback on the subbed DVDs, and improve each one as it comes out, just another sign that the company that everyone used to think was the devil is coming around.

Another complaint is that there should be around 7-10 episodes on each DVD, not 3-4. While 7-10 episodes could indeed be fit on the DVD, people have to realize that FUNimation still is a company, and they WILL try to make money. You can't expect them to just make one third the money they could have and expect them to be satisfied.

Anyway, the point is this: This is the first version of subbed Dragonball Z that I've seen that's in perfect condition and is perfectly translated (I'm assuming so, because most of my fansubs often put in random four letter words for no apparent reason), and I'm assuming this is the same for the majority of all other American DBZ fans as well. So, you can't really bash it too much... That's why I was really disappointed by some reviews I read.

Now, all the reviews had the same things, over and over (no ep. recaps and previews, American names, blah blah blah). Most of them gave a mediocre review, saying they appreciated the effort from FUNimation, but the first DVD just didn't cut it. I can see their point here, as the first DVD did have some problems, but sometimes I wonder why people make such a big deal about the openings and closings being left unsubbed. Does this really bother people that much? I really don't care about the translation of either of the songs, I don't feel an extreme need for them. If I did want the lyrics (god knows why), I could easily just go to Daizenshuu EX and get the English translation, or something, so it's not a big deal. The same goes for the American names, I didn't really mind it much. However, the name "Guru" was kind of weird...

Now, I was fine with these reviews, because I can appreciate the fact that it's very important to some people to have everything on the DVD perfect before they buy it. The reviews were okay. Then, Chris Psaros's review came.

I was at a loss for words at this review. He had written a multi-thousand word complaint about things that really pissed me off. He ranted ON and ON about how the openings and closings weren't correct, in that they were for different episodes. He just HAPPENED to notice that it wasn't Tenkayihichiwa Janawetheno who made the crunching noise of when Gohan stepped to the ground in the fifteenth minute of the episode, it was actually Yethanjerino Kluyethanann!

But seriously, he had pointed out that the credits were wrong. Now, everyone quickly said to this, "Oh no! FUNimation has disrespected the people who made Dragonball Z!" Let me tell you why this is wrong. First of all, if these people who hastily agreed with Chris Psaros really did care about the openings and closings being changed, they would have noticed before him. Yes, they would have noticed it BEFORE him. If you can tell me one goddamned person in AMERICA that pays attention to the changes in the JAPANESE credits for each episode (for example, the voice actor of some random bartender in the show), I would like to know.

"Yes, FUNi. Some of us DO notice these things, and some of us DO care."

Uh huh, suuure.

There is one other quote from the DVD that I would like to respond to here:

"During Buruma's flashback of Goku as a child, there is one shot of Goku fully frontally nude (first episode, 12:15, Japanese version). Believe it or not, this is actually censored when you switch to the dubbed version! That's right, there's a pool of water covering Goku's privates. Absolutely incredible!"

I laughed out loud at this one for about thirty seconds straight. I pity Chris Psaros spending hours upon hours upon hours looking for tiny errors such as this one, and then writing entire paragraphs on them. This one especially cracks me up because he's demanding to see Goku's baby genitals in the version of the DVD that we didn't even buy it for.

Basically, there was that stuff, and a lot of other tiny errors Chris saw and then tore apart in the review. Geez, FUNimation finally gives the otaku something to be happy about, and Mr. Psaros writes a 4000+ word complaint on it. Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.