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Vegetable or Mexican?

The Vegeta Transformation

    The infamous Romanization of Dragonball Z names has claimed many lives over the years and I would like to take the time to ponder one of the more deviant of cases. The Prince of the Saiya Jin has many names. Some call him Vegeta, others Vegita, and still others call him Bob. But in any case he has undergone quite a strange transfomation. No, we aren't talking about the Oozuru transformation, or even Super Saiya Jin... it's the infamous name transformation of yester year. Well Akira Toriyama originally named this nefarious fiend to coincide with the pun on the word Saiya. Yes, many of you may know that Siaya - as in Saiya jin - is really the japanese word for vegetable - Yasai - in a very clever disguise. It seems only fitting that the prince of the race should be called Vegeta - which in fact is a vegetable who seems to have misplaced his "ble". And it may suit this essay to say that the Tsufuru Jins (Soo foo rloo) - the race that coexisted with the menacing Saiya jins - obtained their name from the Japanese word for "fruit" (wait a minute! Fruits vs Vegatables... BWA HA HA HA! Oh wait... that's not funny at all...)

Allow me to get to the point. I've seen many variations on English romanizations for the characters we all know and love (or reasonable FUNimation faximilies). First there is the original Vegeta. Short for vegetable, and a hilariously funny pun (if you happen to be holding a fatty-bo-blatty steamroller with some kick ass cronic up in dat piece!). Slowly, over millions of years of evolution, it became the infamous Vegita (which I lovingly pronounce "Veg ite ah"). Then along came a new monster. A more hideous and otherwise smelly monster! Vejita! Which happens to be the wirst spelig uv anee werd everr. Well this class split into two branches. The ugly, rare Bejita and the even rarer (usually comes from someone that doesn't watch DBZ...) Fejita. The latter of which becomes part of meal number 4 at your local Taco Bell when read incorrectly. Now how have we, as self respecting (or self absorbed in some cases) DBZ fans allowed the nobel Prince of the race of Vegetables to become the by-product of a talking Chiuaua? Please rethink your spelling people! Choose right! Choose Vegeta!!
(NOTE: This editorial was written for comedy only. Also, it was written prior to me having learned that Bejita is short for Bejitaburu, or vegetable. Choose right! Choose Bejita!)