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our thoughts on...

FUNimation tries it's hand at Subtitles...

    FUNimation + Subtitles = Mixed Feelings... And here is why:

Since the beginning (70's), there have been Anime otaku's across the US. Most had only seen Japanese Anime, never NA Dubs. As companies dubbed and distributed anime, otaku were more than disappointed at the horrible horrible quality of the voice actors and dialogue. The same goes for Dragon Ball Z. FUNimation, a small, no-name company from Texas shows it's ugly face in the world of Japanese animation, only to be shot at by angry otaku nation-wide (you know, figuratively...).

Ah, the fansub! Japanese anime at it's best... or is it? Fansubs are great! If you do not know Japanese, don't care to learn Japanese, or are too lazy to learn Japanese, this is the way to go! Original voice actors, blood, nudity, original bgm, etc. "What's wrong with fansubs, Sean?" Glad you asked! #1 Quality! The Quality of Fansubs leaves a whole lot to be desired. Most of the time, the tapes that the end user (you and me) receive are 2nd-4th generation tape, depending upon the distro you order from. That means low quality. Normally, this is not a big deal. I can DEFINATELY handle a C+ tape for $6! Cheaper and it's the original Japanese version! The second issue to discuss is the subtitles themselves. Sometimes fansub distro's use the wrong color of subtitles, which makes them hard to read, or the subtitles are too small. Not only that, but a few fansubbers will actually add cursing to make the dialogue seem harsher. But I'm sure you guys can deal with a few bad words here and there, after seeing Kuririn blast a hole through Bejita's torso...

Hmm... FUNimation + fansub = FUNsub?

We all know about FUNimation changing the names, dialogue, music and even the artwork... Who's to say that they won't do the same to their subs!?

FUNimation could take one of two paths... the first, I believe to be the least likely...

They could do it PERFECTLY! After verbal thrashing from hundreds (possibly thousands) of angry DBZ fans, FUNimation could actually learn their lesson and sub the show just as the script is written. Kuririn, Son Goku, Bejita and Buruma may actually exist! The cursing and bloody mess may actually have happened!

But, then again, probably not...

I hate to smash all of your hopes and dreams, fellow otakus, but it looks to me like we'll be buyin fansubs for the rest of our days!

First of all, DVD's are VERY VERY expensive... $25-30 is about the norm... Not only that, but the price of a DVD player is atrocious (That is, unless you wanna shell out $300 for Playstation 2 - which I plan on doing!). Another thing, how many episodes do you think FUNimation will put on each DVD? No more than 3 is my guess... If there is money to be drained, FUNimation will drain it!

But that is the least of my fears! Of course, FUNsubs will far exceed fansubs in both price and quality (of the actual animation)... but wait... do you really think that FUNimation will admit that they were wrong!?

My theory:

FUNimation may do the following: Take the original Japanese episodes, subtitle them with the exact script - wait, isn't that a good thing? NO! Japanese is read like this: Subject, direct object, verb. You know, as in, 'Sean a webpage has', as opposed to 'Sean has a webpage'.

That's just the thing FUNimation would do to try and sway the view in their favor... They figure that if we have to read these horribly rearranged words, we'll say "Screw the Subs... let's go watch the dub! Japanese DBZ sucks..."

And/or FUNimation may leave the censoring, scene cuts and horrible NA bgm in. That way, people will not hear the beautiful bgm and more and more will hate the dub.. which means more hate mail to FUNi...

But that's just my opinion!