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Having a Co-webmaster

Having a Co-webmaster, in my humble opinion, is GREAT! Here's some background info for you:

SSFusion wasn't always SSFusion. It all goes back to when I really got interested in Dragonball Z, or rather, when my friend, Chris and I made our own manga called Potato Ninja (now Ninja Jagaimo) which was based heavily on DBZ. I have always been interested in customizing everything I come across, especially video games (you can see an example of my work at, my Starcraft map). From the moment I learned of free webspace, I jumped at the opportunity. I made a website about Potato Ninja at Geocities, which was very poor and pointless. I used their point-and-click webpage publisher to create this page and I did a horrible job at it. (See it here).

I decided that it sucked, and so I would move to a shorter URL and a better way of doing things. In other words, I wanted to work entirely in html. I had made an animated .gif file for my first site and decided that is sucked my ass. I wanted to make more, and so I did. My site really meant very little to me personally because I really hadn't yet grasped the HTML language. The limited knowledge I obtained from HTML helpers at Xoom and what I learned from looking at sources didn't tell me all too much... just enough to get by.

I began to add my personal Warcraft 2 maps to my site and my Warcraft 2 total conversion. I talked to people on and got them to download my maps and I played them with others. It was fun until Heat sold out...

Now you may be wondering, what's with all these gaming/Potato Ninja sites? Why didn't you make a DBZ site sooner? Good question! Up until then, I knew about my limited webmaking skills and I knew that I could never do DBZ justice. Besides that, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of DBZ sites across the net and I thought that I could never compete, let alone bring something new into the mix.

About 6 months and five hundred hits later, I decided that I would make a DBZ site. I was still a dubbie at the time. I made SSGohan's DBZ Site. It was your average dubbie site: stolen images, info, stolen movies, stolen games, etc. etc. Basically I sucked. 200 hits in a month was amazing to me.

My friend Brian (currently working on his band's site) and I had almost the same exact sites. We decided we'd just fuse and become one website. The name SSFusion was born.

SSFusion had a shitty layout and no links from other sites for about 6 months. Brian did nothing and I basically ran the site by myself. Same old stolen material... except one thing set SSFusion apart from other sites....

One day I was talking to my friend and we had discovered that Japanese DBZ had lots of blood and cursing and nudity and the like. I really didn't believe it because why wasn't it on American DBZ?

Then I found DBZ Uncensored.... I almost cried that day.

Chris Psaros opened my eyes to a world of deceit and lies. I watched closely for the censors and the stupid dialogue... there it was. FUNimation was going to pay!

FIGHT THE POWER was born. I emptied all of my rage and anguish into one editorial. I hated FUNimation sooo badly! I was hooked on DBZ and it turned out that they were ruining it!

Once I had FIGHT THE POWER up, I knew my site could be different. I knew it could be better!

Pokemon vs DBZ. Yep, I got hooked on Pokemon too... Many people think I hate Pokemon just because they all die in the fights. I don't make them die, you guys do. It's run on fan votes, remember?

Now I needed to voice my opinion on NA DBZ. At first, I wrote a dubbie's editorial for DBZ Uncensored. I shudder at the thought... Chris didn't post any of the 4 editorials I wrote... "My Thoughts on..."


Ok, so I worked very very hard to get my site to become popular. I tried to get Chris to link to me, to no avail. I thought that because he wouldn't link to me, nobody would. So I never tried to get links...

Then the new layout.

This new layout was great! I was really proud of myself! I put a lot of time and energy into it to make my site more easily navigated and better looking.

Just recently, about 2 months ago, I got my first links. My site was getting much more popular because of them.

I needed help!

And then there was Steve. Steve is one of my best friends (yes in real life) and I figured he could help out. Well it turns out that Steve is my laziest friend as well...

I tried so hard to get Matt from Planet Saiya (still trying...) to fuse with me. We would have a great site! Saiyajin Fusion Empire... a domain... links from Planetnamek, Daizenshuu EX, Temple O Trunks... the list goes on! To no avail...

So what did I do? Well I noticed that a great site, Mad Gohan's DBZ Site was closing down. I liked his site a lot (probably because it was about Gohan ^_^ ) and I thought I could use such a good, hardworking webmaster to help me out. I was sooooo right!

Having a co-webmaster is great! If I can't update one day, he probably will... I hate multimedia and he has tons of it (and a scanner and a cable modem...). Also, he can be much more opinionated about the messy state my site is in. Very unorganized for the most part. He has already cleaned it up a bunch.

Another thing about Jordan is that he is another mind for the site. He can offer his voice to "My Thoughts on..." and his opinion for Pokemon vs DBZ. He can help! (NOTE: Not anymore... he MFGAing quit!)

If you have a DBZ site and you know someone who has a smaller site is shutting down, see if he/she will be a co-webmaster on your site! You won't regret it!