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our thoughts on...

Toriyama: Dirty old man?

Akira Toriyama, creator of quite a few very popular anime and manga series. But is there more to this seemingly god-like artist? Sean Kendle investigates!

The first instance of a very ecchi man indeed comes straight from the pages of Dragonball. In the first graphic novel, I count over 10 instances of nudity... The jokes are very dirty, and I suspect that maybe Toriyama based the Muten Roshi after himself.... one can only ponder this mystery.

Oolong is yet another very ecchi, hentai, perverted character. He rapes small girls and wishes to see everyone's panties... but for comedic purposes only? One can only ponder.

But then there is Dragonball Z. A very not perverted series. However, this gives way to a more violent, almost cult-like version of Toriyama. Is this man just a rabid, perverted Nazi?

HELL NO! I can't believe you even pondered such a lot of blasphemy! Toriyama is GOD! And if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, punch that fucker in his stupid face quick!