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our thoughts on...

Viz Comics: My Hero!

FUNimation. A name that strikes fear in the hearts of pure blooded otaku everywhere. They have taken a beautiful thing and stomped on it, spat on it, shit on it and then... *cringe*... put it in their mouths... those sick bastards. They have filled their pockets with money from DBZ fans nationwide and they will continue to do so for a very long time. It doesn't matter how much they destroy it, kids will still be drawn to it. I have all but given up hope for the future of the NA Dub...

But that's just the anime.

Toriyama Akira-san had a great idea and he expressed this idea, not through animation, but in the form of a comic book. These comics, or manga, are also being translated here in the states.

Let's take a quick little imaginary journey, shall we?

Ok, here we are at the local plaza. You make a quick stop in Bill's Subs (or Bob's, or Rudy's, every town has a small sub restaurant). Mmmmm, that's a damned fine hot Italian sub... Your hunger and thirst now gone, we dump our trays and blow.

You walk by a pharmacy, a mailbox and a stray dog urinating on a '97 Mustang. Sucks to be that guy. Oh here we are at the local comic book store! Let's see if the newest Barry Ween is out yet.

In you go, to your left, the 35 year old still-lives-with-his-mom comic book store clerk. He eyes you up, one of the 5 customers he'll get all day.

You ignore him and check out the selection of movies. Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma... ahh, to relive the classics! Jay and Silent Bob - Gods in their own right. You spot a few anime, pick up a copy of Neon Genesis Evangelion and eyeball the cool-as-hell Eva on the back. Sweeeet. But you only have $10 and a subbed tape costs $30... you move on.

Here's a rack of comics... Interesting, there's a bunch of Nickelodeon comics.... Doug, Rugrats... nah, you're too old for that. Nick toons have lost their flavor, except of course for the Angry Beavers... haha! Damn that show is funny.

Now you spot a Toonami comic book... just those stupid shows that no one actually watches. You know what I'm talkin' about... that stupid "Thorg the Caveman" or whatever... those shows suck.

Oh, here's the Barry Ween! Meh, only parts 1 and 2, you have those already.

Well, feeling a sense of loss you slowly walk back to the front, eyes to the ground in shame.

Suddenly something catches your eye. What's that? Is that Goku on kintoun? Yes it is!

Wow! So there's a Dragonball manga being translated now! You flip open the cover.

Hmm... I wonder what goes on in Dragonball...

As you go to open it, you realize you're looking at the back cover... you flip it over so that it opens on the right and find.... a back cover. Wait a minute!! This manga was published unflopped!

You flip through it, interested in what else you'll find. You didn't see a FUNimation logo anywhere on it, that's definitely a good sign...
As you read you notice names like "Kamesennin" and "Kintoun", you see Buruma show Muten Roshi her "no-no special spot", you read all the incredibly funny and perverted humor!

But if it wasn't FUNimation... who?

You close the manga and read the top left corner... Viz Comics.

Viz Comics.

I love Viz Comics. I absolutely LOVE Viz Comics! And here are some reasons why...

1. Unflopped - Japanese is read right to left, so Manga is read right to left.
2. Great Translation! - the dialouge is left almost perfect. The dirty humor is still there and the cursing (hell, damn, die, death) in DBZ is left as is.
3. Names - Kamesennin, Muten Roshi, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, Gyuu Mao, Nyoi Bo, Kintoun... and the names of the Dragonballs! Such as: Liushinkyu and Sanshinkyu!
4. Unedited - Blood, nudity and panties! Yes yes! The manga is left perfectly unedited! (except in the one manga Goku's junk was missing O.o)
5. Letters page - Viz actually CARES! That's right! Viz actually gives a damn about you! Write in and send your fanart! They'll publish it and reply to all your questions!
6. No filler episodes or scenes - The scenes of people watching the fights on TV and episodes like the fake Nameksei don't exist in the manga! That's right! They were only made for TV, so you don't have to worry about buying a bullshit issue!

My faith in American companies has been restored! Not only that, but manga are only 2.95/issue. That's 2 episodes of uncut, unedited DB/Z for $3!

Fellow otaku... don't let this pass you by. The manga has opened my eyes and given me hope! Go to your local comic book store and get an issue! If you don't have one near to you, go to and buy some! You'll NEVER regret it!!