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our thoughts on...

FUNimation Kicks the Otaku in the Balls Yet Again

Why?? First FUNimation RUINS the dub. Then they try and take down numerous well-to-do fansub distros. Now this!? And the worst part... IT'S BEING LEAD BY SO-CALLED "OTAKU" THAT SUPPORT FUNIMATION!! Granted, I get more hits from than any other site, ToT was the first big site to link to me and I'm linked by the rest... but I have lost all respect for these sites and I scorn them for eternity. They have totally sold out DBZ. Let's take for example. You either love, or you hate it. I personally feel that although they deserve every hit they get from all the hard work they put into it, MrE is a fucking dubbie. He struts around his updates page making wise-ass sarcastic remarks about the dub, but then he goes and does something like this... He actually HOSTS this damned thing... I mean, for the love of all that is good and holy! Let's review our choices as otaku for getting our hands on the juicy red DBZ meat:

1. Fansubs - Now "illegal", though I've heard that if you don't make a profit they'll leave you be. Fansubs are lower quality visual-wise, than the dub, but they are in JAPANESE and have all the original aspects that made this show unforgettable. Not to mention, if you find the right source, you can get all 291 episodes of DBZ for under $291, tho the quality is still kinda shitty on some episodes.

2. Full Episodes - Becomming "illegal", even though they get no money for the episodes... that is pretty ass backwards, considering that the dub and the Japanese version are two ENTIRELY different shows altogether. The only similarity is the name. The music, art, voices, script... everything else has be changed or taken out by good ol' Satan.

3. The dub - For God's sake kill me now.

4. The FUNsubs - You'll never ever ever ever ever ever see the entire series subtitled on DVD. Firstly because FUNimation doesn't even OWN THE RIGHTS to the first two seasons anymore! Woo hoo! (Now all I need is about $3,000,000 and I can begin buying seasons one and two!) *ahem* Pioneer owns those episodes now and I doubt they'll sub it. Secondly because FUNimation sells the DVDs at $30 for 3 episodes/DVD... for 100 episodes, that's $1,000 !!! I DOUBT a 7 year old could afford that... think again, FUNisatan.

So, in closing I will leave you with these words:

Although Dragonball is over in Japan and has be killed and sent to HFIL here in the States, it will live on in DVD format for the filthy rich and moronic FUNimation supporters for a couple more years until the fad dies out. And for the record, I will be at Otakon next summer and I WILL punch LaBrie in the face and get an mpeg of it for you guys. What a sellout mother fuck. Not to mention that I plan on meeting MrE in person and kicking his ass and taking some before/after shots. I think my site would sky rocket in hits for that reason alone.