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Our thoughts on...

Ron's thoughts on...

FUNi Rant Power(man) 5000!  Protect Anime Rush! - Just one of those things that makes you love life.

Utopia - My perfect world

DBZ is a waste of your time! - Why DBZ Sucks.

Animation: Our favorite medium to pander crap to kids! - Why US Animation Sucks.

FUNimation's Fad - DVD's, 75 episodes a season, and rushed commericialism suck. . .since we SHOULD be at Movie 9, but we don't even have Movie 4 yet!

FUNimation: Runining DBZ in a different way OR The Long and Winding Road - FUNi's ruined more than the dub.

Commentary on Sean's sexuality - I talk about sexual intolerance and Sean's personal life.

Sean's thoughts on...

FUNimation Kicks the Otaku in the Balls Yet Again - Please, just kill me before FUNimation makes the words "Kuririn" and "Bejita" illegal too!

A Review on Jordan's "A Review and a Review of the Reviews of the Subbed DVDs" - Here is where I prove every one of Jordan's points entirely wrong!

Viz Comics: My Hero! - I love Viz Comics... come with me on a little imaginary journey!

Toriyama Akira-san: Dirty old man? - My controversial editorial on the man, the myth, the legend, Toriyama Akira-san!

The Story of a Disturbed DBZ Webmaster - One of the two historical editorials I have written. This just recaps my existence as a DBZ fan and reinforces the fact that FUNimation sucks.

Having a Co-webmaster - Written when Jordan was a co-webmaster with me during the days of SSFusion and the early days of the Empire. The other historical editorial and a tribute to a great friend.

FUNsubs - FUNimation + subtitles = FUNsubs? My premonition on the new subtitled DVDs.

The Vegeta Transformation - Written before I adopted the spelling "Bejita". This is for comedic purposes only.

Season 3 - God, I hate FUNimation.... you'll laugh till you stop!

Bukujutsu - Written quite a while ago so I apologize for the incredibly low quality...

Tim's thoughts on...

Maturation of an Otaku - Tim discusses the stages of his life as an Otaku. (O-taah-kuu)

Tim actually agrees with EX?! - I think the world is coming to an end, Tim agrees with EX.

Do they? - Tim wonders about fansub distros...

FUNi needs new lies... - Tim asks FUNi to keep the bufeat of lies coming...

Jordan's thoughts on...

A Review and a Review of the Reviews of the Subbed DVDs - A look at the DVDs and how they change what I think about FUNimation.