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Pokemon vs DBZ

PokéBall Z!

Current: Tenshinhan vs Golem
[Goku vs Mewtwo][Chaozu vs Mew]
[Bejita Vs Pikachu]
[Super Gojita 4 vs Psyduck][Piccolo vs Charizard]
[Tenshinhan vs. Golem]

Chaozu vs Mew

As Goku and Mewtwo battle in the stadium, Chaozu and Mew get ready for their fight!

Tenshinhan: "Ok Chaozu, I want you to do your best and beat Mew!"
Chaozu: "Got it Ten, I'll try my hardest!"

Meanwhile, in the other locker room, Ash is helping Mew warm up by throwing tennis balls at him and making him dodge them.

Ash: "Whoa! Nice moves, Mew!"
Mew: "Mew mew!"
Ash: "Ha ha!"

Just then, Misty walks in.

Misty: "Hey Ash, once Mewtwo and that alien are done fighting, Mew has to fight the little clown lookin' kid."
Ash: "Yeah I know, I hope Mew wins!"

Half an hour later we hear over the Loudspeakers...
Loudspeaker: "That's it folks! Mewtwo is DEAD!!!"

Brock: "Holy shit!"
Ash: "Don't worry, Mew, you don't have to fight a Saiyajin..."
Mew: "Mew... mew, mew!"
Misty: "Well, you better get out there Mew, it's time for your battle!"

Mew flys over to Ash and hugs him...

Ash: "Ha! Go get 'em Mew!!"

Meanwhile, in the Z team's locker room...

Chaozu: "Ok guys! I'm up!"
Tenshinhan: "Go kick some serious ass Chaozu! You heard the announcer, Goku killed that bastard! Now let's show 'em what an emperor is made of!"
Chaozu: "Right!!"

Each contestant flys in from opposite side of the stadium just as the clean up crew finishes scraping the dead Pokemon's remains from the ground.

Chaozu looks very intense as he enters the fighting grounds. He's been killed by the best!

Mew doesn't look too eager to fight, but he's definately ready to defend himself!

Mills Lane: "Ok you tiny little... things... Let's have a good clean fight! And no pleading for peace, Mew!"

The two fighters nod, staring into each other's eyes.

Mills Lane: "LET'S GET IN ON!!"

The fight begins with a very quick start as the two attack head on! Chaozu hits Mew with a few punches and Mew retaliates with a whip of his tail.

As Chaozu is stunned, the little Pokemon begins an agility attack. Chauzu can't tell what's going on! He becomes confused as he attacks the tiny animal.

All of Chaozu's attacks are in vain. Suddenly, he sees what he thinks to be an opening and attacks! Mew teleports behind the emporer and tackles him to the ground!

Chaozu brings his knees up to his chest and kicks the tiny pokemon off of him.

Mew: "Mew, Mew!"
Chaozu: "Shut up!"

Chaozu then begins his own confusing attack. He teleports around Mew in a circle, attacking him each time!
The Pokemon is being savagely beaten!! Then, he teleports one last time with a powerful elbow right between Mew's shoulders knocking the puny animal to the ground!

Tenshinhan: "Alright Chaozu!!"

Chaozu dashes in close to the tiny, light colored Pokemon and grabbed him by the torso, lifting him up to eye level. He looked into Mew's eyes, muttered something and put his free hand into the pokemon's face. He lifts the small cat-like creature slightly above his head and let a powerful Ki blast fly into it's face!

Mew flew up out of the top of the stadium, a smoke trail following it's battered body.

Mills Lane: "Nobody leaves this arena until they're dead! Get that little bastard back here and let's fight damnit!"

Choazu promptly takes off after his foe...

As he flew toward the unconscious animal, he extended his arms out in front of him. The heels of his hands together, palms outward, in a clam-shape.

He pulled his hands back slowly toward his waist...

Chaozu: "KAAAAAAAA...."

Half way there...

Chaozu: "MEEEEEEEEE....."

With his hands at his right hip, he flew toward his opponent...


Chaozu's hands lit up from a small ball of intense ki.

Chaozu: "HAAAAAA!!!!!!!"

On this, he shot his arms forward into their original position and blasted a ki stream about the width of his waist at the pokemon, knocking him backwards!! The Ki enveloped the creature and it let out a horrible high pitched screech...

Mew: "Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!"

The pokemon slowly started to disintegrate in front of the gaping audience!

A few seconds later and Mew was spoken about in past tense...

Mills Lane: "The winner, Chaozu!"

Tenshinhan, relieved that his buddy was still alive, ran into the arena and picked him up.

Ten: "Alright, Chaozu, you did it!"

Ash, pissed off at the loss of a very very rare pokemon, rushed Ten and his friend, infuriated...

Ash: "Damn you! I'll kill you! That pokemon was the last of it's kind!"

Ten nochalantely reached over and knocked the little boy out...

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