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Pokemon vs DBZ

PokéBall Z!

Current: Tenshinhan vs Golem
[Goku vs Mewtwo][Chaozu vs Mew]
[Bejita Vs Pikachu]
[Super Gojita 4 vs Psyduck][Piccolo vs Charizard]
[Tenshinhan vs. Golem]

Bejita vs Pikachu

That's gonna leave a mark...
Bejita is standing near the door of the locker room, watching the match on TV in his usual pose, arms crossed, evil scowl, smirking in a not-so-amused manner.

Goku finally plucked up the nerve to see how Bejita felt.

Bejita: "Baka! Of course I'm alright! Do you think I'd be nervous fighting an over-grown yellow rat?"
Goku: "Ok, but look out for his electric attacks! I've heard they hurt!"
Bejita: "You're too soft, Kakarotto. Even your weak Chikyuujin wife can beat you up..."

Goku shrugged and left the room.

Bejita decided to meditate before his match. "Never underestimate your enemy"

Ash, after finally waking up, was in the locker room, on a girny, with Pikachu on his chest...

Pikachu: "Pika pika!"
Ash: "Hey pikachu, how ya doin buddy?"
Pikachu: "Chuuu..."
Ash: "I know, he looks tough, but you can beat him, just remember what I taught you!"

Pikachu left with Misty, not looking very happy, or brave for that matter...

Bejita re-entered his body just as the announcer said:

Announcer: "Yet another loss for the pokemon... Up next, Prince Vegeta vs Pikachu."

Bejita got up and walked out of the room...

Mills Lane: "I wanna see a good clean fight to the finish. Now let's get it on!"

Bejita and Pikachu stand staring at eachother for a moment...

Bejita: [scoff] "This is pathetic..."

Mills Lane: "God damn it I said 'Let's get it on!'"

Bejita immediately chuckles and zanzokens out of sight.

Pikachu looks up and sees the Saiyajin-ouji looking down at him with his right palm extended toward the short yellow creature.

The camera switches to the horrified crowd as a dozen short ki blasts are heard being fired... and exploading!!

Bejita looks down at the pokemon... the smoke clears and Pikachu is gone!

It seems that only 1 or 2 blasts actually hit him, as Pikachu started a quick agility attack! Unfortunately, the ki blasts did do a lot of damage... one of Pikachu's eyes was closed and bleeding!

Pikachu rushes toward the Saiyajin prince and is determined to cause some damage!

Bejita lets out a muffled laugh and watches the pokemon dash in his direction.

As Pikachu gets closer, the Prince of the Saiyajin decides to act. Ki envelopes him as he starts his own high speed attack on the yellow critter.

Pikachu has no time to react as a yellow-tipped white boot smacks him in the face, and he knows no more...

The cute-and-cuddly pokemon is jarred sensless and hurles through the air toward the far wall...

As Pikachu flips end over end, the Saiyajin decides that a Big Bang Attack will suffice in the annoying Pokemon's utter demise.

Bejita: "BIGU BANG ATTA!!"

The powerful Ki attack envelopes the yellow rat and quickly disintegrates it...

Yet another Pokemon has fallen to the DBZ gang... who will stop this threat? The fans of the Saiyajin Fusion Empire? Time will tell!

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