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Pokemon vs DBZ

PokéBall Z!

Current: Tenshinhan vs Golem
[Goku vs Mewtwo][Chaozu vs Mew]
[Bejita Vs Pikachu]
[Super Gojita 4 vs Psyduck][Piccolo vs Charizard]
[Tenshinhan vs. Golem]

Super Gojita 4 vs Psyduck

As the clean up crew once again removes the charred remains of the pokemon... the two next competitors enter the arena.

Misty: "Go Psyduck!"

As the pokeball flys toward the ground at the Saiyajin's feet, they look at her with utter contempt.

Goku: "FUUUUUUU...."
Bejita: "FUUUUUUU...."

The two saiyajin start the fusion dance.

Goku: "-SION... HAAA!"
Bejita: "-SION... HAA!"

There is a bright spark as the two Saiyajin's fingers touch...

Gojita: "Hmm hmm hmm..."

Misty, in horror, runs away... Psyduck stands with his stubby hands holding his empty yellow head, looking... er... stupid.

Gojita ki's up and becomes a Super Saiyajin... then level 4!

As the red-orange Ki surrounds the newly fused form, its red furry tail whips in agitation...

Gojita: "This is pathetic..."

Psyduck continues to look pathetically dumb...


Well, I think you can imagine what happens next... I won't bother to type it out.

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