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Pokemon vs DBZ

PokéBall Z!

Current: Tenshinhan vs Golem
[Goku vs Mewtwo][Chaozu vs Mew]
[Bejita Vs Pikachu]
[Super Gojita 4 vs Psyduck][Piccolo vs Charizard]
[Tenshinhan vs. Golem]

Piccolo vs Charizard

Mills Lane watches as the two competitors leave or are removed from the arena.

Mills Lane: "Damn, this is gettin gruesome! They didn't even wait for me to tell 'em to 'Get it on' that time..."

Ash is in the back of the Pokemon dressing room mourning the loss of his best friend, Pikachu. He and the pokemon had been friends since he first became a pokemon trainer. They had been through tough times...

Misty walks into the room with the now sobbing Ash.

Misty: "Hey, Ash... oh, are you ok?"
Ash: "P-PIKACHU!!"

Ash throws his arms around the consoling Misty and rests his forehead in the crook of her neck. His body girating with every sob.

Misty: "I know it's hard, Ash, but maybe we can take out this green fellow to avenge the loss of Pikachu..."
Ash: "I never want to train Pokemon again! Pikachu was my best friend and that ALIEN killed him without thinking twice about it!"

Ash pushes Misty away from him, running out of the room...

Piccolo is seen floating in meditation next to a cascading waterfall...

Mills Lane: "Whadya mean he won't let his Pokemon fight!?"
Misty: "He's so depressed over the loss of Pikachu that he refuses to train or fight pokemon anymore."
Mills Lane: "Alright everyone, it looks like this one is a forfeit!"
Buruma: "NO! I know a way we could get your whatcha-ma-thingy back!"
Misty: "Really!?"


Ash is seen sleeping in his bed at home. He hasn't done much since Pikachu was killed.

Ash slowly regains consciousness...

Pikachu: "Pi.. PIKACHUUU!"

Misty, Brock and Buruma walk into the doorway.

Misty: "We wished him back!"
Ash (scratches head): "You wished him back?"
Buruma: "With the dragonballs, silly!"
Ash: "Dragonballs? What are they?"
Misty: "It turns out there are these things called Dragonballs and if you collect 'em all... only 7, not 250 like the Pokemon... anyways, if you collect 'em all you get to make a wish and this Giant Pokemon-"
Buruma: "He's a dragon... his name is Shenron."
Misty: "Right, a dragon comes out and grants a wish! Neat huh?"

Ash holds Pikachu up and hugs him. Pikachu sends a couple thousand volts through his trainer...

Ash: "NEAT!? That's more than neat that's... well... yeah I guess that's kinda neat..."


Mills Lane: "Let's get it on!"

The tall green Namekseijin sizes up his red opponent...

Charizard's tail wags slightly in anticipation to begin fighting. Smoke trickles from his nostrils.

Piccolo makes a dash for Charizard!

As he closed in on his enemy, Charizard took a deep breath and let loose a flame thrower attack!

Piccolo easily leaps out of the way of the firey blast and over the head of the uknowing Pokemon. He spins around in mid air, doing a forward flip and bringing the heel of his foot into the base of Charizard's skull. The Pokemon fell foward and landed full tilt with his face in the dirt. A trail of whispy smoke drifts out of his nose... and stops.

The Namekseijin leaps into the air, backwards, facing the dragon, cape flowing in front of him. He opens his mouth in a one sided grin, lips pulled back to reveal his dangerous canines and let loose a flurry of devistating ki blasts...

Piccolo looks on as the smoke clears... Charizard lays almost directly below him enveloped in a cloud of dust. A slight breeze blows the cloud aside revealing a very hurt Pokemon. Blood flows freely from the downed Pokemon's left eye.

Piccolo: "This is a waste of my time. What a very unworthy adversary..."

He shakes his head and mutters an unheard curse and raises his long green fingers to his forehead...

Piccolo continues the charging of his deadly ki attack as the Pokemon lies under him, breath coming in short labored gasps...

As the Pokemon lays helpless and unconcious on the ground, our favorite and most loveably soft and cuddly Namekseijin finishes making his "Special Extra Crazy Not-So-Nice That's-Gonna-Leave-A-Boo-Boo Super Fun and Exciting Theme-Park-Hotdog Beam Shooter Majiggyhoo-ha".

And just after that, he finishes up his Makankosappou. (Did you like the little "Special Beam Cannon" pun? Man I hate FUNimation...)

He lets fly with the incredibly powerful beam of ki with a nice swirly going around it. It head for the Pokemon and in seconds, the large Dragon has a nice big hole in it's chest. And a whole lot of blood, to boot. (Can you tell that I'm in a silly mood right now? ^_-)

Well anyway, Charizard gets up and he does a little dance. The onlookers are shocked that a large dragon with an equally large hole in his chest dancing! And look at all the blood! Wait, that's not blood, that's just candy! Silly me! And look who it is! Tinky-Winky and Po, ladies and gentlemen! Our favorite Teletubbies have just arrived and- wait a minute! Is that icecream? Yes it is! Wow... this is one fucked up fanfiction.... I better stop now...

Going up?