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Pokemon vs DBZ

PokéBall Z!

Current: Tenshinhan vs Golem
[Goku vs Mewtwo][Chaozu vs Mew]
[Bejita Vs Pikachu]
[Super Gojita 4 vs Psyduck][Piccolo vs Charizard]
[Tenshinhan vs. Golem]

Tenshinhan vs Golem

As the fighters dance merrily out of the area, annoying Teletubbies in their immediate wake, Tenshinhan makes his way out of the doors and into the arena.

Mills Lane is standing in the middle of the ring, rubbing his temples and muttering something about "crack".

The stupified spectators sit silently in the stands (::unprecidented use of aliteration alert!::).

Tenshinhan scans the arena. There doesn't seem to be any Pokemon in the arena yet. He watches for the his enemy.

Suddenly a pile of rubble begins to move on the opposite side. Tenshinhan realizes that it is actually a rock Pokemon!

Golem waddles to the center of the arena and Tenshinhan starts off toward him. He stops mere feet from his foe and levels him a measuring glare.

Mills Lane: "Now I want a... ah just forget it... just fight Goddammit!"

Tenshinhan springs back a few feet and situates himself into a defensive crouch.

Golem squats and raises his arms above his head, hands in claws, waiting for the right time to strike.

Tenshinhan immediately vanishes, leaving only streaks of color where he had been.

Golem glances around, looking, to say the least, confuzzled.

Suddenly, the Pokemon is rolling on the ground. Tenshinhan had come from just behind and to the right of Golem, and body checked him, driving an elbow into the rock-creature for good measure.

Tenshinhan stands and watches as his foe slowly regains his feet. The rock pokemon charges Tenshinhan full speed, hurling rocks all the way. Ten side steps a few, and then runs to his right, circling around the beast. He begins a methodical ki barrage, pummeling the giant backwards.

Golem digs his feet into the ground and slowly grinds to a halt, arms crossed to ward the blasts hammering him toward the arena wall.

Tenshinhan eventually lets up the attack, realizing it's doing little damage.

He leaps into the air and flies out of reach of Golem's sudden rock throw attack.

Pokeball Z
What happens next?

Tenshinhan carpet bombs Golem with ki blasts
Golem does the harden technique
Tenshinhan does a kikoho
Golem knocks Tenshinhan outta the air with rocks

Current Results