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Planet Saiya

Planet Saiya is an overall nice looking site, with some unique stuff to feast your eyes upon. The site isn't overflowing with content or anything, but it's enough to keep the viewer interested.

The page is very well laid out. The colors are perfect, and the navigation is well placed. The only quirk I can find is that the mouseover glowing table navigation has already been used by JkWok44, but in this situation, it certainly was appropriate. The site is updated often, usually about once or twice a week. However, many of the updates are simply link additions, which in my opinion is boring, and not really worth an update. Oh well.

The Info section is pretty monotonous to someone who knows DBZ pretty well, but it is a nice place for a newbie to learn things about the series. The webmaster's main mission for his site was to provide newbies with good information, and he's certainly succeeded.

There are a ton of pictures on Planet Saiya, but I have a few gripes about them. One, they could be a little higher quality. I know that a digital camera takes low quality caps most of the time, but a little image editing would certainly help. Also, the images are thumbnailed, but only the height and width attributes are changed, which causes a horrid load time, even on a fast connection. My advice to the webmaster would be to create a seperate thumbnail image for each original image, because people don't want to wait three minutes or more for one page to load.

The Saiya Tabloid is a small, yet funny and original section of the site. It is basically a newspaper-like page, with made up events involving the Dragonball characters. I hope it is updated more often, because that is a section that has some potential.

The fanfics and editorials are, to put it bluntly, crap. Although the ideas behind them are good, they are just not expanded on at all, and are very short and poorly written. Hopefully, the section will be cleaned up soon.

So, that's Planet Saiya for you. It has some low points, but also some high points which make up for them, making it a site to check at least twice a week.

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