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Excuses, excuses...

My comp crashed last week, and I'm just gonna write editorials until I get your comp working right again... and you know me, I'm always mad at something, and I usually vent that anger FUNi's way... >=D LET THE BASHING BEGIN!

The more I look through interviews with Gen, or a FUNi rep, the more of the SAME excuse I see, "We had to censor the show for FCC regulations..." They usually end with... we know the fans dont like it..... blah blah blah, I'm tired of their shit... Granted I've given up all hope of DBZ being dubbed good at one point while still being under FUNi's control...

Now, like I said, FUNi says they have to regulate the language for FCC regulations... OK, OK... gotcha, but is their some FCC rule, that when you use weaker dialouge, it also has to make no sense? Apparently not, cause Pocket Monsters is a damn good show, and is centered around 5-12 year olds. If I had to watch either DBZ Dub, or Pocket Monsters dub, I would choose Pocket Monsters... without hesitation.

BROTHERS AND SISTAS, RISE UP AGAINST FUNIMATION, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!! THEY THINK YOU ARE IDIOTS, BOYCOTT THEM, SUPPORT FANSUBS!!!!!!!!!!! Don't even buy the DVDs, you are giving them money they dont need, and telling them you support their efforts.

Further proof FUNi is Full Of Shit, or they are just complete morons... probably little from collum A, little from collum B.