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Do Distributors Make Money?

I'm sure you all have seen the fansub distros, "I make no money off this site, all profits I get goto getting new anime and VCRs..." I was talking to Ramza of DragonBall Blast about this, and we came to the conclusion that most distros who charge $6 a tape, so infact, make money. Now, you are gonna say, yeh, but tapes cost a lot of money.. and they buy new VCRs.

I can almost guarantee you that most distributors only get a new VCR every 2-3 years. But I have no proof to back that up... so what about the tapes? Ever heard of buying in bulk? No? Have no idea what I'm talking about? most tapes are from under a dollar, to three dollars maximum... so the distributors that are charging $6 bucks aren't making any money eh?

I personally think that is bullshit, Ramza said if he simply distributed, and didn't use his profits to subtitle other anime, that he would make profits... another thing I can say, is that most distuributors aren't doing this for the fans; cause they love to do; I can definately say, a lot of them do it for money... if not, then why not charge less per tape?

The distributors that have low tape prices are probably good guys/girls doing it for the fans, or buy really cheap tapes.. I personally dont mind taping in EP if it saves me money, especially on a big series... the ones who sell those half assed, buck a tape, POS, for 7 bucks... I'd say they are doing it for the money.

So how do you know if a distributor is doing it for the money or fans? Do the subtitle? Most likely if they sub, and charge a lot... they aren't making much profit if any... are maybe they just have too many orders, and have to buy new VCRs every year... Ramza, and I believe that that is the case with Kodachi Anime... and finally if they have been around for 5 years... I'd say its pretty save to say they do it for the fans.... before anime was so easy to get your hands on.

Its still better than $30, such as the case with commercial subs... but as soon as a fansub tape starts it says 'for the fans, by the fans, not for profit.'

I'm gonna put a bunch of distro links to sites that I think are honest.