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How I feel about VegettoEX's editorial...

   Well, eventhough EX isn't my favorite person in the world... I'd have to say he had some valid and true points in this editorial.

   Just like EX, I've had the same thoughts floating around in my head, in the summer of 2000, I didn't AT ALL care for DragonBall... for the fans... for anything. I'd felt that I was headed that way since the beginning of 2000, I could feel my love of DragonBall slipping. As much as I fought it, I couldn't help it... even now, I don't really watch DragonBall.. Z at least (as indicated by the music video contest). One would think that I would just say 'screw it all, and drop everything'. Really I don't care about the community anymore, it seems that teenagers who are fans of a 'FAD' (Yeh, I said it bitch.) simply can't get along.

   So why fight, the good fight? I still care about DragonBall, it doesn't deserve to be treated like this... It's not even as though FUNi cares... if they cared, listened to the fans, and still did a shitty job, it'd be a little more exceptable in my mind. But that is not how it is. It never will be, all FUNi cares about is money. The DVDs were NOT for the fans, not at all. DVD has been chosen as the next in video playback, except it, FUNi was just being smart businesswise.

   Being introduced to other anime is the worst way to hold on to your love of DragonBall, anyone will tell you this. The other day I was sitting around listing the anime I've seen... over 50... In tape total I've seen hundreds... Rurouni Kenshin, Flame of Recca, Macross 7... there are just too many to list. They stand out, and hold their own against DragonBall, granted, nothing will ever give you the same feeling as the first anime you loved, in my case DragonBall. You may lose interest, but in your heart it lives on. I mean... no, NO other anime fan community is like this. The closest case you can compare this to is Sailor Moon. There is a large population of fans whose first anime love was destroyed in the U.S., but none the less, they don't have quarrels like we do, they don't have big headed webmasters who are too good to say hello to a fellow fan. No, no community does. Damn, I've seen rival gangs who like each other better than members of the DragonBall community. I don't know what it is... is it the content in DragonBall that attracts a fanbase of assholes who seem to think that to be excepted they have to know every little piece of DragonBall trivia? Have to have the best merchandise? And so on, these fans aren't true fans, these are the fans of a fad. I've said it a hundred times before, when the smoke clears in 5 years or so, and only the real fans are left, everything will go back to the norm, and MrE will again be a loser.. and his legions of dubbies will be gone.

   I mean, until this fad passes over there is nothing we can do. The assholes are ruining it for everyone, I've even had people challange me to trivia contests and then get schooled after one question.

   When I think about it, my love for watching DragonBall hasn't died directly because of the dub, but because of the people who watch it... it's sad how they don't realize what they are doing, but they wouldn't care anyway. I just hope these same assholes don't move on to some of my favorite anime like Initial D, Kenshin, Recca and others. Thankfully, they are too fucking stupid to grasp the whole concept of fansubs and ruin that for us too.

   It angers me so much when I sit back and go on or on a message board, all the same shit. Idiots challanging each other... getting the questions wrong, arguing they are right... They don't listen to ANYONE. They are too fucking stupid, and just all jackoffs to realize what is wrong with them. These people in real life are losers. Have no friends, can't pass a fucking test in english class, can't grasp the concepts of life.

   My friends, in the end, do not at all be mad about these people ruining DragonBall for us, because in the end, their lives will account to nothing, and they know that. This is why they spend their time being fucking assholes, and trying to be big in a community surrounded around animation, they feel it will give their life some meaning if they have a convo with MrE.

   Sorry kids, you will amount to nothing, so have fun being a loser, talking to losers, arguing with losers. I'll be the one laughing when you are 44 years old, serving my children french fries at McDonald's.


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