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our thoughts on...

Maturation of an 'Otaku'


Throughout my years of "anime fandom" I feel I have gone through some different phases, the good, the bad, the ugly, the strange, most of them, I feel as though they were basically wasted time in becoming the fan I am today, then again without them, I wouldn't be the same fan...

However, throughtout those years, I now feel as though something remained constant... I was basically a follower, a... basically what everyone hates, the namek dubbies [not really, more like an ssfusion anti-funi], how no matter what, for the namek dubbies MrE was right, for me Sean was always right... besides MrE I found it hard to disagree with popular web masters, changing my beliefs to fit theirs... Eventually my stubborness, and the way I truly am couldn't take it anymore, all these beliefs out the window, as it they were just hindering the real truths, or true truths... The fact is when I look back on the way I felt, and saying things to others, I feel like a fucking sheep...

I mean, one thing that now I don't even kid myself about, but try to get closer to the truth, is DUB VS. SUB. Granted I like the sub because it leaves it in it's original Japanese format, but to tell the truth, if I was tired, and felt like rolling over, I'd prefer a good dub, because how do you concentrate on a sub with your eyes closed when you can't speak fluent Japanese?

Another, sadly to say is about the Dragonball Z dubs. Granted I know the dub voices, and dub scripts suck, thats a given. However, my boycot of the dubs on CN has seemingly ended. I feel that the boycot was another thing, not to blame him, but brought upon by Sean, because back in the days of SSFusion, I really, REALLY looked up to him. And I still do, having the courage to do something you believe in that goes against such a majority takes a lot of courage. I mean, don't get me wrong, I still know FUNi is a money hungry whore that it always was, but now I seem to care less and less about the boycot, or if Sean was Tyler Durton, and I was Ed Norton, and I was slowly becoming what Sean wanted me to. I don't know if I ever really cared about boycotting them on TV.

The more anime I see, dubbed, subbed whatever, as long as I get to see it, I'm happy.

Eventually when you let go of your psuedo beliefs, and start to believe what's true, you'll understand, you'll be happier, and things won't bother you as much, even make you grow as a person.

To tell the truth, I don't know if I'm in the final stage of otaku maturation, or am I still just in puberty? Will I come full circle, and be the angry, quick to make a judgement follower I was? Unlikely, but hey, anything is possible.